In love, does habit mean routine?

My dears,

One of the concerns of a couple, even the central concern, which can too quickly turn into fear, is to not fall into the routine. Continue to seduce yourself, surprise yourself, impress others and impress yourself.

It is the goal in itself of all romantic relationships.

The problem is that it becomes an obsession, a fear, which turns out to be legitimate because the routine can kill a couple.

By dying of breath, the passion eventually dies out completely, and it is important to achieve or at least give yourself the means to rekindle the flame. You have so many beautiful things to live together. Don’t behave like strangers. Know that if you have vibrated for each other, it is important to find this bond that united you before. You discovered things together, rediscover them.

Allow yourself to understand that you are not attached to your couple but to your man: by this, you can then focus on what you want to live with him, for him, for you.

Come back to the sources of your love, if I can put it this way: without denying the evolution of your couple, allow love to break through again through what charmed you at the start: humor, tenderness, everything that is unique to the other and that appeals to you. All this did not disappear, but simply died out as it went.

It is very important not to get caught up in the feeling of routine, not the routine itself.

It also means not being so paralyzed by this routine as to provoke it, in order to comfort yourself somewhere in your fear. In addition, if your anxiety of boredom is too strong, your man will feel it, and weariness will gradually take precedence over your couple. The best solution is to remove all these boredom clouds from your couple, rather than apprehending them. For that, try to perceive and tame the moments of happiness which are offered in spite of your couple, to let them come, to appreciate them in pairs, and to learn thereafter to cause these small successes, and to make them habits, pleasant, and which belong only to your couple. Try with these habits to make your couple unique, therefore sublime, and original.

Indeed, do not confuse habits and routine.

Keep in mind that it is perfectly normal that after a certain time, the expectations you have for your relationship are not the same, but that it does not directly affect the love that binds you to your man. Conversely, habits can even forge a couple. The important thing is to learn to live them without getting tired of them. A film on Thursday evening, a walk, a weekend market … These are habits that can be taken up by a couple without them becoming sad or banal because they are regular. It’s up to you to give yourself the means to make them more extravagant, a little different. In a couple, being aware of the love the other has for you is essential. These same habits can allow you to establish a solid base, which will forge the union of your man and you. In addition, let’s talk about ease, These are little things that are relatively easy to hold on to when you feel like your feelings are slowly waning. Because these habits constitute your love and give a concrete form to your couple.

On the other hand, rekindling the flame can be expressed in different ways: obviously, little attentions that you could have forgotten for a while, thinking that it was too blue flower, and your couple, fairly solid, no longer needed of that. And you were right: overdoing it could have had a negative effect in the end. Everyone could have grown tired in the same way, by these attentions. But a quick note before leaving for work, a text message, a dinner prepared with love (it’s obviously valid for you gentlemen, if you come across this article!), It’s always very pleasant, especially when these attentions have been forgotten or neglected for some time. This allows you to find a newer, more passionate love, to renew what lights up your relationship. Each couple, every human being even needs to feel emotions or feelings that may have been lost until then. So be aware of the strength of your love and your feelings, but never take a couple for granted.