In love, to each their own terms and conditions, to each their own rules of the game

If rose water cinema does not necessarily deal with the fourth stage of love, it is because it is a stage that it is not really possible to standardize through make-up representations.

We prefer to show only the facade.

The partners compose their own general conditions and their own rules of the game, in short, which largely determines the dynamics of their private life.

A sort of implicit or explicit contract, depending on the couple, is set up.

The difficulties then appear little by little since one leaves step by step the illusions created by the passions and one enters with great strides into a space of reality less colorful, more banal and perhaps more disappointing.

The idealization of the partner is reduced like the skin of sorrow.

The limits of each appear at this time. Nothing is like the first time, the first glance, the first meeting, the first touch, the first furtive kisses. Sometimes you want to find the internal passionate pulsation.

Some ideas to feed the flame

There is still no question of falling into fatalism and abandoning the game at the slightest difficulty on the horizon.

Quite the contrary! The challenges, big or small, between two people who love each other say a lot about the remedies that can help maintain the relationship.

It is up to both partners to adjust to the limits and expectations of each other, of oneself.

Moreover, the love contract is not immutable. It is quite the reverse. It is debatable, malleable, modifiable, improvable, revisable, reinterpretable. At will!

Imagination must therefore become queen and creativity must reign alongside it.

Hope is the main engine of love, if not a perfect synonym.

There is no logistics of love that is unique and superior to others, or even effective for all.

The best logistics of love that can exist is the product and the fruit of genuine, conscientious and conscious work by those who love each other.

Work on oneself and work on the relationship, together, with the other.

Taking care of yourself, your partner and your relationship is the key to nourishing the sensitive flame of a loving relationship.

Listen to yourself and listen to your partner. A “good night” by text message when you are far from each other, and why not love texts?

Above all, there is no obligation to take literally the norms of love that can be propagated by the most fictionalized mainstream cinema and film productions that live off the naivety of average consumers.

These representations have nothing to do with the realities of it. Love has at least four stages. It is therefore extremely fluid and evolving.

It’s love at first sight that rolls out the red carpet for a potential relationship.

It’s a totally instinctive reaction, almost uncontrollable. This first step does not necessarily lead to the following ones.

Love, at first sight, can be followed by falling in love. It is a passionate development. This is the moment when we say “I fell in love”.

I’m in love with you? No! I love you!

If the passion takes, we arrive at the state of love. There is a stabilization and the couple takes shape.

Finally, if lovers allow themselves to be carried away by the continuity of passion, the fourth stage, which is love, will begin for them.

It is the most complex stage and the duration of which is unknown and depends only on the will and the hope which animate the flame.

It does not follow any standard apart from the rules built by the partners and it is up to them and to them alone that it is up to them to take the greatest care and adjust it while paying close attention to the parameters that favor at best the well-being of each and every one.

So do you prefer to say “I am in love with you” or “I love you”?