Interesting topics to talk about on the first date

Do you have a date and don’t know what to say to her? Or even worse: are you afraid of the awkward silence between you? Even the greatest artists suddenly stutter when they sit across from a beautiful woman. I will therefore help you with my tips for good first date conversation topics so that you are left with positive memories and make her heart beat faster with your words.

Men’s nightmare: help, I don’t know what to say on a date!

Have you ever slept badly before the first date because you didn’t know what to talk about? Many men imagine a real nightmare beforehand when they have a date with a beautiful woman.

This horror vision goes something like this:

You’ve just said hello to this beautiful girl (after being twenty minutes late) and sat down at a small table with her in a crowded cafe. As the two of you smile nervously at each other, she assures you in response to her question that she found her way here. Not knowing how to continue the conversation, the first thoughts pop into her head: “What should I say to keep you happy and impressed? What topics of conversation go well in such a meeting? ”When you can’t think of anything better, you say, “Nice shop here, right? ”She smiles friendly and replies:“ Yes, very good here. 

You get even more nervous and wait for the waiter to come to you to get you out of the situation. Lost in thought, you can now hear her asking in the distance if you’re here more often. You confirm to her that you are here from time to time. To say something else, you say the weather is really nice today, much better than last week. After a few minutes of tortured conversation, you notice how bored she looks and she looks more and more at her smartphone, which is on the table in front of her.

Suddenly, her cell phone rings and she has a brief, apparently very serious conversation. Then she tells you: “You, my friend, are not well, it is urgent. I have to go to her quickly, I’m really sorry, be careful! And before you know what’s happening to you, you’re suddenly sitting alone at a table in this cafe – surrounded by happy people who are deep in lively conversation.

Back to reality:  have you ever experienced something like this? To calm down: It’s up to you to make sure you don’t go too far. Because with my first date conversation topic tips you are always on the safe side. Below, I’ll also give you tips for optimal preparation and help you make your date a great experience.

The perfect preparation for your date

Of course, at the meeting, you shouldn’t pull a tip card out of your shirt pocket like a TV presenter and read your questions with a deadly serious expression. Even so, a little first-date preparation can’t hurt. It’s best to have three interesting conversation topics that you can fall back on at any time.

Think about what is important to you in a woman and what you really want to learn about her. So, you already have some questions in your mind about how to get to know each other, which you are sure to ask her.

Tell interesting stories about yourself

You should also think about what you want to reveal about yourself and what image you want to convey about yourself to her. Consequently, you can tell her funny stories and anecdotes from your past that says something about you. The whole thing, of course, without bragging!

Tell her how you recently wanted to go for a walk around town and flew to Paris on the spur of the moment. Or jump over the neighbor’s garden fence at night with a friend to take a refreshing dip in the pool while the neighbor’s dog bites your shoe. These stories don’t just provide new good topics to talk about on your date. They also show that you are not a boring couch potato, but a man who wanders through world history to experience something.

The emergency plan when awkward silence threatens

And in case of an emergency, you can simply jot down some notes on your cell phone where you can leave some suggestions for conversation topics and interesting stories. If you lose track of the conversation while flirting, you pretend you read an important SMS or WhatsApp message and use this “cheat sheet” to fuel yourself with new material.

However, if you train yourself to talk to other people, at some point you will no longer need to resort to these crutches but will be able to walk on your own – without these aids.

7 conversation topics that inspire women

The basic rule is: only cut topics of conversation that really interest you. Women are quick to notice when you initiate forced dialogue just to keep them happy. When you talk about your favorite topics, not only do you have something to say, but you also sound authentic.

I also advise you not to fall into controversial topics. Start with easy-to-digest small talk and broader topics of conversation to get to a more personal level as the date progresses.

1st topic: The place where you are

You can easily strike up a conversation on a first date simply by talking about where you are. For example, if you’re sitting in an Italian restaurant, ask her where else she likes to eat out, what dishes and local dishes she likes, and if she likes to cook. If you’re at the go-kart track, ask about his interest in motor racing and fast sports cars.

2nd Discipline: movies and series

Does she love Hollywood movies, or does she prefer to watch documentaries and news reports? To discover! Everything that has to do with film and television is too much to talk about. Childhood series are also an interesting topic because they connect an entire generation and create a sense of togetherness.

3. Topic: The most unusual or embarrassing experience

Have you ever come to work in women’s clothing because you lost a bet? If you tell her funny stories that happened to you, then you will have something to laugh about together. With these conversation topics, you not only create a positive atmosphere on the date, but you can also test whether she has the same sense of humor as you. And don’t forget: if you can make her laugh, you’ll be even more attractive to her!

4th subject: travel

A trip not only broadens your own horizons but is often a very good memory. As soon as you talk to the woman about her last vacation, you transport her back to an extremely pleasant time. Let her take a walk down the beach in your mind and feel the warm sand under her feet! If she vividly imagines the vacation, she’ll definitely get a good feeling – and that’s what she really counts on a date!

5th subject: wealth

Ask her: “If tomorrow you won five million reais in the lottery, what would you do with all that money?” The goal is to discover something about her dreams that she would like to see come true. Would she spend her dream vacation in the Maldives? Or did she start a foundation for orphaned dogs? Or just buy a fast car? Find it out! With their responses, you have other interesting conversation topics that you can follow up on the date.

6. Subject: Man and Woman

Women love to discuss gender stereotypes. You can ask her funny questions like who she thinks are the best drivers. Here, too, it’s a good idea to be a little cheeky and play with her preconceptions about women.

If the date is going well, you can ask her which celebrity she finds attractive or what she would do if she could be a man for a day. Experience has shown that this is an elegant transition that can awaken your desire for love!

7th topic: Looking into the crystal ball

A personal vision of the future is a pretty intimate topic of conversation on a date. Ask her how she imagines her life to be in 10 or 20 years (depending on how old she is). Here you can see what goals she has and whether they correspond to her ideas about life.

Of course, these are just a few suggestions for topics to talk about on a first date. Let your creativity run wild and think of five things you would like to say to a woman! Basically, all topics that tear women out of their gray everyday life and take them into another world are suitable. Then she will definitely get comfortable with you and forget about everything around her!

Another tip: stay away from touchy topics on your first date!

Women and men meet to have fun and maybe even find love. Especially in the women’s world, these romantic ideas are circulating about the dream prince who will take them to his castle at some point. So avoid negative and difficult topics! You should not talk about everything that is discussed in the family or at the usual table for her on a date. This includes violence, death, disputes, and ideological issues such as religion and politics.

But also irrelevant things like your last tax return and gas prices cause boredom and can lead the lady to run away. Oh yes: even if you have a thing for science and technology, you should only talk to her about it if you know she’s as interested as you are.

On the other hand, all the fun and down-to-earth conversation topics that:

  • make her feel good
  • reveal something about the personality
  • build trust
  • and put it in a positive light.