Is he really the man of your life?

Are you wondering if this is the man of your life? Do you want to know how we go about defining the ideal man?
If you’ve often been disappointed in love, this article is for you.

I invite you to analyze in-depth the qualities and attitudes of your companion or your target, to clearly define whether or not he can really match you!

Indispensable qualities

The man in your life must have essential qualities that you must have chosen and selected so that he suits you and can make you happy. Do not neglect the aspects that seem essential to you and remove the superfluous. You really have to make a selection by presenting the elements that influence you, including the negative ones.

A whole life with? I absolutely have to analyze its flaws!

Remember that you are making a lifelong commitment and that you will have to accept to put up with it knowing that the situation will deteriorate over time. And yes, men tend to slack off over the years. So are you ready to endure all the faults? Clearly define your prohibitions so as not to have unpleasant surprises in the future.

Is he there when you need him?

The overriding question, can you count on him under any circumstances? Knowing that the person is available and willing to do anything for us is essential in a relationship. Confidence is often at the base of the couple.

Is he investing in your relationship?

Does this man really invest in your relationship? Does he see the future with you? The support of a man is essential for your confidence and for your relationship. He must be your equal and not hesitate to invest in his relationship.

So many questions … Unfortunately, it is useful if you no longer want to live with disillusionment and have a good analysis of your situation.