Is it worth insisting or is it better to stop fighting?

All couples go through difficult times. In addition, maintaining a relationship sometimes requires a lot of effort and dedication, so that it can move forward and overcome the bad times. However, fighting for a relationship and dwelling on a hopeless case are two very different things. Do you feel that you are already insisting too much on your partner? Here we explain what is the best you can do about it.

When is love worth fighting for?

It is known that love can do everything! Heal broken hearts, improve self-esteem, we achieve things that we think we would not be able to do … And many other things. Also, through love, you can save a relationship that is about to be lost or that is already lost.

However, just as it is true that you must fight for love and to maintain a relationship, it is healthy and prudent to know when it is good to fight and when it is not. Have you and your partner reached a point where your day-to-day seems to be hopeless? Well, if both are proposed, they can revive the flame of love again.

In order for you to fight for love, you must be 100% sure that it is real and sincere. In addition, all the efforts you are making to improve and change must be being made by your partner. Both should have the same level of commitment. This is not about one of the two doing all the work, while the other keeps screwing up over and over again.

The best way to solve everything, and if it is worth the effort made to save a relationship and recover it, is that both are in sync and committed. Change and improve together, promise that the two as a union will do their best to make the relationship go back to the way it was before.

How much do you have to insist to keep your love going?

When we are in love we do not think clearly, so even though we have a lot of self-esteem or we still keep our dignity intact, sometimes we find ourselves insisting or begging for love from a person who simply no longer wants to give it to us.

It is natural that we all go through that sometimes. It is a basic human instinct to deny at all costs that the relationship is about to end and to take care of a broken heart. And avoid having to go through a love affair that can take months to go away. But even so, despite the fact that it may hurt our soul, it is necessary to know when to stop insisting on a person.

Keep in mind that the moment you start to insist on a person for love, that is no longer your place! If the love between you and your partner is true, you shouldn’t be begging for it at any time. Any show of affection, gifts, beautiful words, or details of love must be spontaneous, they do not have to be demanded.

Therefore, if you have already realized that your partner does not make any kind of effort to maintain love, and you must be insisting that he react all the time, it is a clear sign that you have already been insisting a lot and it is time to that you change your place in the world. Even if you don’t accept him at the moment, he is not the right person for you.

Dignity vs love What is more important?

When it comes to love, dignity is the most at risk. Some people are not interested in going through hundreds of humiliations as long as they do not lose a person when they do not realize that they are actually losing themselves. Who do you love more, your partner or yourself?

Think carefully about all the things you sacrifice to be with a person. Because the truth is that for you to be with someone, you should not give up who you really are. And if you have noticed that your personality has changed, and you feel like someone you are not, it is because you are in a relationship that is not for you. Get your dignity back and get out of there immediately!