Is my boyfriend jealous of me? 8 underlying reasons for that

We all know what kind of boyfriend seems absolutely perfect at the beginning of the relationship to become a mountain of jealousy later on, for the reasons you imagine. However, things can get even more complicated when your boyfriend is not only jealous, but also jealous of you and your accomplishments. He thinks that you are much better than him and in turn starts to behave strangely, degrades everything you do, makes you feel small, just out of fear that you will leave him or that he is not man enough.

This can be a very difficult situation and it is not very popular either. But with the increasing power of women in all areas today, their intelligence and independence, some men just can’t keep up and turn into hideous beings who just can’t understand that their partner can be better than him and guess what? what? That should be perfectly fine! In this article, we will talk about this phenomenon and how to know if your boyfriend is really jealous of you.

Have you been the object of jealousy?

Being the object of jealousy, not just your boyfriend, is not a pleasant feeling. It involved discomfort and that horrible feeling that someone hates you simply for being you. Jealousy is born when someone else is aware that you are better than them in a certain way and instead of working to improve themselves, they start to enjoy hating you and ruining your life.

When that person is your own partner, things can get very complicated and complicated. If you have been the object of jealousy before, you will immediately recognize the signals that come from it. His entire attitude towards you will change drastically to a point where you will feel like he is a stranger who simply hates you. However, in case you are not yet the object of jealousy or have noticed some strange behaviors in your boyfriend, here are some signs that he is jealous of you and your achievements, even if he tries to hide them by showing them.

8 underlying reasons he’s jealous of you

1. You are smarter

We know that this is the classic and common reason why someone is jealous of a person. Unfortunately, it is also the most popular reason for your boyfriend’s jealousy. In a relationship, both of you cannot have exactly the same level of intelligence. Which is certainly not a bad thing because otherwise you won’t get along very well. However, a jealous boyfriend will start to hate you for being smarter than him because that comes with a better job, more money, and possibly a long list of admirers. This drives him crazy and he will do anything to degrade your intelligence, sometimes even in public. This is definitely the worst thing that can happen and you should let them know that you are aware of their jealousy and that they should stop immediately. Otherwise, you will know what to do.

2. You are more successful

It is very clear that being smart also means having a good job that pays a lot. This could upset your boyfriend and he could get jealous. Having a partner who is much more successful than him can be demoted and he will start to feel worthless. The next step? Aggressive behavior, degrading your success, making your friends believe that he is responsible for where and what you are now, and so on. A clear sign that your relationship might not be on the right track right now.

3. You are more popular

Being smart, pretty, and successful naturally attracts people. Your boyfriend probably doesn’t like that you’re so popular, especially since other guys might be interested as well. So what he feels now is a combination of jealousy and fear of losing you. Because of this, he could start to forbid you to go out alone or with your friends, being manipulative and overprotective, in a bad way. Try to make him understand that you will not leave him just because there are some people around him right now.

4. Feels inferior

If a man really hates something, that is the feeling of being inferior, especially when it comes to his girlfriend. When he is jealous of your achievements, he will begin to experience this feeling. What’s worse, this could lead you to become violent or even leave you without a clear explanation. It is a difficult situation that you may want to escape as soon as possible.

5. You feel ignored and worthless

Once again, when you are doing most of the things, including bringing money, your boyfriend will start to feel ignored and worthless. Ignored because you no longer have time for him, and useless because you will be the one to pull the strings. You will notice this in their behavior. The key here is to make him understand that this is not the case at all and that you still care a lot.

6. You don’t feel man enough

Hurting his male ego may seem like a crime, but what he doesn’t know is that you’re not doing it on purpose. You are simply being yourself, successful and popular. So, talk to him and convince him that this is not how things should be and that he is still a man to you and that you love him. Also, teach him this so he doesn’t take you for a sweet talker and nothing else.

7. You also attract other men

This will arouse both types of jealousy in him and is probably the worst case scenario. He can get possessive, violent, and you definitely don’t want that. Don’t give him reasons to behave like this, even if men will gather around you. Show him that he’s still the one you care about the most, but that he needs to stop overreacting.

8. You feel in danger

Certainly, with such a popular, smart, and successful woman by his side, any man will feel in danger. The danger of losing yourself to someone else. He will start to demean himself and think that he is not good enough and therefore he will quit. Again, you can solve this with a nice open discussion just between the two of you.

What to do to control your jealousy

As we mentioned earlier, all you can do to control your jealousy is have some long, open, and honest conversations when you are alone. Explain everything to him and try to make your boyfriend understand that he doesn’t solve anything by being jealous of you. On the contrary, to ensure that they remain a couple, he must encourage and support them. If things get out of hand or if his behavior becomes too unwieldy, be a lady and say goodbye. It will be better for both of us.


In closing, a jealous boyfriend is definitely the last thing you want in your life. Unfortunately, these things happen very frequently these days, and the only thing you can do is learn to handle the situation. Don’t let things get out of hand and reach out to each other if you feel like your behavior has changed. This will make things a lot easier for both of you.

Also, any man should understand that those old ideas that placed women below men have long since disappeared. In today’s modern society, both genders can be strong and successful and neither should be blamed for doing so. Understanding and accepting this is the key to a healthy and happy relationship.