Is She/He the right one? 8 clues to determine it

You and your darling live perfect love; you are deeply in love yes, but the fateful question always arises: is he or she good? Is he/she the one with whom I can spend my life and live a lasting love? Here are 8 clues for you that can tell you whether or not your love is really the gem you were looking for!

1 / You both mourn your past relationships

Your ex are a thing of the past, only the relationship you live together now counts! You no longer regret anything or anyone, neither, and that is a very good sign!

2 / You easily discuss delicate subjects

Whether personal, intimate, or even political concerns, no subject is taboo! And, even if everything is not pleasant to say and hear, between you, things happen naturally!

3 / You have the same level of commitment to each other

Your relationship is balanced. It is not for you that one does everything for the other, while it runs smoothly. The attentions are reciprocal, the gestures of love, mutual, in short, you are in harmony.

4 / He / She is there for you when you need Him/Her

Do we need to say more? We all go through difficult times at times, but you are not afraid, because you know that your other half will always be there to support you, whatever happens.

5 / You share the same values

Birds of a feather flock together! Certainly, the other is different, and it is this difference that makes the wealth of the couple. But if your values ​​diverge, your couple may find it difficult to last!

6 / You agree on having children (or not having them!)

Because when you decide to build your life together, this is not a detail to overlook! Children are made by two, I don’t teach you anything. And the desire to have children (or not to have them!) Must also be common!

7 / You can count on their support if necessary (especially if it is financial)

Without living on the hooks of your darling, you know that in the event of a hard blow, your partner will do everything to help you go up the slope, and vice versa!

8 / You had a big disagreement but overcome it by always respecting each other

Arguments in a couple, it’s normal, big arguments, it happens! But you, you were able to overcome this ordeal, something not always obvious! And did you both come out stronger and more united than ever? So congratulations, you have undoubtedly unearthed the rare pearl !!