It’s Time To Leave Him: 20 Signs Of A Man Too Needy.

Do you know the signs of a needy man?

It all starts with someone who needs you far more than you could ever need him.

A man was made to be fearless.

Every woman wants a guy in her life who needs her.

However, there are different levels of one’s needs.

We want someone to take care of us and support us when the going gets tough, someone to give us unconditional love when we need it most, and advice when we have difficult life crossroads and important decisions to make.

But these are not signs of a needy man!

These are just natural human needs.

20 signs of a needy and needy man.

A needy man is different.

It’s not that he needs the woman to be his confidant, or even to satisfy him in bed.

He needs the woman to function, operate and survive.

For the woman, this is suffocating, you feel extremely overwhelmed.

So what’s the difference between a guy who needs you and a guy who needs you too much?

1. He can’t do anything on his own, literally anything.

He can’t do anything without asking for your help and without your physical presence by his side.

2. He grumbles all the time about you going out and doing your thing.

He completely hates the “girls’ night out”.

He wants you all to himself day and night.

3. He wants to be with you every second he’s awake.

His favorite quote is “no, don’t go, please stay”.

4. He loves his mother much more than normal.

Needy men learn all this dependence from an overprotective mother who spoiled her son too much.

Even with her son married, she doesn’t give up on him!

5. He wants the world to stop when he’s sick, he just caught a cold but it looks like he’s dying.

The needy, needy man wants you to take days off from work, sit next to him and give him medicine and fluids to keep him hydrated all day.

6. He likes to get the burnt bits out of his sandwich.

Mommy’s little boy won’t eat if you don’t take the black bits off the bread.

7. He sits too close all the time.

The impression you get is that you can’t have a moment alone.

As a piece of Velcro, there it is stuck.

8. He doesn’t have any friends, he prefers to be with you.

A needy man can’t get his needs met with a bromance, only you matter to him.

9. He wants to hold your hand in every holy place you go.

No, don’t try to leave his side, he starts to complain and then takes your hand again.

10. He wants to know all the time where you are and where you are going.

You need to count everything you did during the day.

He doesn’t want to miss a single detail.

11. He wants to go with you wherever you go.

It makes no difference whether it’s the mall or the beauty salon.

He doesn’t understand that there are some rules and boundaries and things that you and you just don’t do together.

12. You choose clothes for him because he can’t match anything.

He never learned to match clothes and you have to make him come home to put on a decent shirt.

13. He wants you to make him lunch for work.

And he stays at the door waiting for his lunch box prepared for you, just the way he likes it.

14. He has no opinion of his own.

“I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Says the needy man.

15. He can’t pay his own bills.

He has the money, he just can’t go there and pay.

Paying bills is an inconvenience.

Someone needs to take care of this for him.

16. He won’t go to the supermarket if you don’t go with him.

If it’s not for you to put food in the fridge, he would literally starve.

17. He needs you to budget for him because he can’t manage his own money.

You pay him an allowance as if he were a child.

He can’t work out a budget on his own.

18. You need to remind him of basic things like “Did you wash your face this morning?

“Looks like you’re more his mother than his girlfriend!”

A needy man cannot even do basic things in life.

19. You would leave a six-year-old at home alone, but you wouldn’t have the courage to leave him.

The moment you leave the house, he immediately sends you a message asking for help to survive until you return, and for that reason, you take him with you.

20. Usually he doesn’t recognize his own mess and is waiting for the maid to show up to clean up.

The needy and needy man stays in his own dirt and mess forever until someone comes to clean it up.

It makes no difference to him whether the room is dirty or clean, untidy or untidy.


Having a boyfriend who loves everything about you and can’t get enough of you is quite attractive at first.

However, after a while, it becomes exhausting and irritating.

The needy man is not in a love relationship, he is insecure and cannot do things for himself.

The best relationships are the ones where you both like and trust each other, neither you nor he needs the other to survive.

If you spot these signs of a needy needy man, remember that he will never grow up and you will only get angry.