Jealousy is a natural feeling and always present in a romantic relationship. In some cases, this jealousy can sneak up on a couple and can, therefore, prove to be destructive for a romantic relationship.


Jealousy is the fear of losing the person who is dear to us due to an extreme attachment to him. What causes this jealousy is often the fear of losing control over one’s romantic relationship to the point of completely losing self-confidence within the couple.

Jealousy is a natural and normal feeling, sometimes even a sign of the good health of the couple! Anyone who has ever lived in a relationship has been jealous at least once in their life, because you are always possessive of what you love and here in this case your partner. It is quite normal that we want to remain the only center of interest of the person for whom we let ourselves be loved.

This is why jealousy is normal in a couple BUT only in small doses, except when it is really justified (deception, an ex who returns, etc.).

Also, remember that a relationship that has lasted a very long time is also not immune to jealousy. Despite the strength of the couple, thanks to the long years spent together can quickly be put to the test if the jealousy of one of the two partners becomes too intrusive.


1) Call his partner in the middle of the night to make sure he’s got home.

You are likely to surprise your loved one and disappoint him/her because this is proof that you do not trust him/her.

Even if you have already been betrayed by your sweetheart and he/she cheated on you, this is not a reason for harassing him in the middle of the night.

If you have decided to continue the relationship despite having cheated on you in the past, then you must agree to trust him at the risk of seeing your relationship tarnish over time.

2) Constantly checking his cell phone, searching his contacts, or looking at the calls he may have received or sent. This also applies to their Facebook account or another social network elsewhere.

3) During an outing with friends, constantly watch your partner to see who he is talking to, who he is looking at, and always be on his trail to see where he is.

4) Get angry when your other half starts talking to another man or woman or looks at another person. It can indeed become stuffy and prevent him from being comfortable in the future when you accompany him to public places or to parties.

5) Make accusations or constantly suspect your partner of being unfaithful and hitting on other people while you are away, especially if they are unfounded!

6) Be jealous of your girlfriend’s best friend or your man’s childhood friend and take the opportunity to talk behind her back. Having bad words about that jealous friend can tarnish your image of your partner.

Consider him/her really as a friend, and know that it is rare that love between best friends becomes really possible, because the relations between them will change and they are likely to realize that friendship and love do not make. necessarily good household … (even if there are always exceptions to the rule of course ..)


Jealousy is, as already described above in this article, a feeling sometimes of helplessness in the face of a situation. It can also be a feeling of insecurity. For example, the fear that his spouse will suddenly fall in love with a person at a glance and that you will be sent into oblivion overnight!

There can be a lot of reasons that can lead one of the two lovebirds to be jealous.  Jealousy is above all a feeling, a completely normal human emotion! As in many areas, it is excess that seriously harms to health to the couple!

I sincerely believe that it is normal and that we MUST be jealous at a minimum when the situation calls for it, it is also a proof that we care about the person who is dear to us.

Who has never felt this feeling of pride to have someone who cares about you and who lets it know by defending their couple when they are in danger by being jealous in a thoughtful and appropriate way?

For my part, I feel a certain satisfaction in knowing my wife is sometimes jealous (but always in small doses), because being loved is also that… And I know that for her part it’s a bit the same…

If your partner is suffocating you with his jealousy, make him feel better. Show him your behavior, that there is no question of going elsewhere.

Be careful, however, do not give him any reasons to be jealous either!

You can, for example, to avoid that he/she is jealous and better in his skin, try not to have too insistent glances on other men or women that you can cross in your daily life.

Also avoid comparing your partner to other people, because unconsciously, he is challenged and he may also lose confidence in him, which can lead to other forms of problems within the couple.

Talk to him about the future. Include your partner in your plans for your future. Let him/her know that he or she will be part of your future life plans!

If you already have a best friend or a best friend and your partner is jealous of them, try to make them friends with each other. Explain to both the qualities and what this person brings to you. in your life, and why you consider him your “best friend”.

If you have to be around your “EX” by force and your current partner is jealous (which is understandable by the way), we all have a past, reassure your partner, and make him understand that you do not. live more in the past, than on the contrary you intend to live well in the present!

He/she must feel that he is the only one for you.


Whatever the reasons for which one of the two partners can become jealous, it is essential to identify and understand the real source of his jealousy.

Breaking up because of pervasive jealousy is not at all the solution to adopt and remains the result of poor communication which simply means a lack of dialogue between the two lovebirds.

Talk sincerely among yourselves, and straighten things out. Expressing what you really feel to your partner releases and alleviates the weight of jealousy in a couple.

Tell him and prove to him how faithful you are and that you intend to stay that way. Explain that you are aware that relationships are based on trust, the keystone of a lasting couple …