Just because we don’t talk to someone doesn’t mean they don’t matter

We all experience setbacks in our lifetimes, it’s inevitable. These are things that happen to everyone.

A relationship that ended badly. A break with a partner. An argument with a very good friend. A great friendship that ends. Even though such things happen constantly, to everyone, they cause pain which is unbearable.

However, just because it happened, doesn’t mean the two don’t love each other anymore. Just because two people choose to end their relationship, doesn’t mean there’s no more love in them. And, just because friends and family have separated doesn’t mean that there is hatred between them.

Maybe you broke up with me. Maybe I broke up with you. But, whoever broke up is irrelevant. I won’t hate you. I will not hold a grudge in my heart.

Maybe I loved you, but you didn’t love me back.

Is it just your fault?

Should I blame you for this forever?

Should I blame you?

No! You are not responsible for how you feel.

However, with the breakups result in a lack of communication.  For me, I usually choose to cut off communication with anyone outside of my life. And, it is valid with friends and former partners. The story of the breakup doesn’t matter.

I have learned that I cannot speak and communicate with people who have played an important role in my life. I no longer waste my time with people who are not important to me. I no longer waste my energy on people who are not part of me.

However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to me.

It does not mean that love is not alive. It doesn’t mean that if they needed me I wouldn’t give them my help.

Just because a book is permanently closed doesn’t mean the story inside wasn’t beautiful or magical. Still, I can’t keep this story open. I can’t keep rereading it for the same thing to happen again.

What is done is done.  What happened has happened, and there is no going back. Maybe it was awesome. Maybe not. But, I can’t keep opening the old wounds.

The relationship ended for a reason. There’s a reason one or the other is gone. There is a reason the other person is no longer present. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter to me anymore, there will always be a little love in the bottom of my heart.