Just Because You Take The Time To Move On Doesn’t Mean Something Is Wrong With You

To all the girls out there who can never seem to get out of a relationship fast enough, I understand you.

am you.

And you know what?

Everything is fine; you are not crazy and you are not wrong.

There is no set time frame in which you should or should not be responsible for someone.

It differs from person to person and differs from relationship to relationship.

Sometimes it takes me a whole week to forget I was involved with a guy, and sometimes months go by and I wonder why my mind can’t stop thinking about something that happened seasons ago.

None of these reactions are abnormal at the end of a relationship, and none of these reactions make a person weak, obsessive, or naive.

It is what makes a person a person.

Some people feel things more strongly than others.

I felt things more intensely than others, and it took me a long time to know that this doesn’t make me overly emotional or pathetic.

I know there are more important things in life than romantic relationships, but the fact is that just because someone scolds me by saying, “Just move on,” it doesn’t magically allow me to move on abruptly.

The fact that I haven’t gotten over you in a month doesn’t make me a lunatic and doesn’t mean I’m going to chase exes at night.

It just means that sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I still really wish he was here.

Just because you’ve only spent a month with someone doesn’t mean it should only take you a month to get over it.

You are the only person who knows how you felt during this period, and you should be the only person who decides how long it takes to recover from these feelings.

We’ve all read enough “11 Ways to Get Over Your Ex” articles at this point to know which tactics tend to work best, but sometimes throwing yourself into other aspects of your life and trying your best to move on every day only goes so far. limit.

Don’t feel bad when you’re walking down the street months after a breakup and still feel a pang of seeing someone who looks like your ex.

You are not pitiful; you are only human.

I think it’s time all the girls who take more than a few weeks to recover from a heartache stop being labeled crazy, and I think it’s time to let everyone feel what they need to feel.

Because you know what?

All That Dating And Life Stuff Are Hard, And As Someone Very Wise Told Me Recently, You Don’t Need To Have Feelings About Your Feelings.

Let whatever happens in your life affect you anyway.

Feel what you want later and don’t be ashamed.

You don’t have to start feeling guilty about feeling sad.

This is too messy and too emotional for any ordinary human being to deal with.

With so many ridiculously complicated things in life, there must be some things that are simple.

Your feelings are your feelings and nothing else, so leave them alone.

Let them run their course because they will run their course.

Maybe it will take two months and maybe it will take a year, but it will happen.

Eventually, it doesn’t matter how long it took you to get over that guy you dated that summer.

All that matters is that you got over him, and you made your own way in your own time.