Karmic relationships: 13 signs to know if you are in a relationship

Think for a minute about all the people who have passed through your life. 

According to the research of Esteban Moro, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, at the end of our lives, we will have linked up with 5,000 people. That’s a lot of… learning opportunities. 

The truth is that some people will simply pass by, and others will stay for a long time. 

But whether they are still in your life today, or have left a long time ago, there are people who really leave their mark.

So you ask yourself, is this person who affects me so intensely, part of a karmic relationship? Or is it a spiritual connection? How to know?

And just as thousands of people will pass through our lives, the truth is that there is not a single karmic relationship for each one.

For better or worse you could live many. 

There are those who affirm that karmic relationships do not last long, but they come to bring us the greatest learning lessons in life and love. 

Here I want to make a little clarification, and that is that we are not talking about karma understood as “what you give comes back”. While I believe in that philosophy, here we are talking about another aspect of karma. 

Since these karmic links are so important to our personal growth and development, that is probably why you wonder if you are in one. So let’s get to it. 

The 13 signs to identify karmic relationships

1) They are extremely intense

Whether it is a very passionate love relationship or someone with whom you have too many differences. 

A clear characteristic of karmic relationships is that they will be very intense. 

This is not just flirting with someone you think you might like. 

Not a more or less heated debate with a coworker with whom you do not agree. 

These relationships will touch your deepest fibers. From awakening an almost irrational passion to making you explode with rage. 

I will illustrate an example. The first person that comes to mind is a friend, with whom I have also had a romantic relationship.

Every time we saw each other the attraction was instant. She felt as if we were never going to stop wanting each other. But giving in to that desire only brought us trouble. 

We related to each other in such opposite ways that a war broke out between us. Pain, anger, and indignation arose.

We hurt each other, to the point where we decided to distance ourselves and everything started again. 

In the end, I realized that it was a relationship that came to show me something. And I was very aware that until I saw it clearly, this would continue to happen. 

That’s what karmic relationships are all about. They are relationships that go deep and do not go unnoticed. 

2) The attraction is instant and persistent but also unstable

These types of relationships are not those that arise calmly and are built over time. That could very well be a spiritual connection between a man and a woman.

Rather in the case of karmic relationships, it is an attraction the moment you meet the other person.

Whether you feel love at first sight or intense chemistry, you will be attracted to this person very spontaneously and from the beginning of the relationship. 

You feel it and somehow you perceive that the same thing happens to the other.

This could be because they have already crossed paths in past lives (if you believe in them) and are being drawn through energy and karma.

And just as that intense passion appears, it could suddenly disappear without explanation. 

3) You feel that meeting that person was something that had to happen

Beyond that it may feel good or bad to be with that person, you feel that he is someone that for some reason you had to cross in your life. 

It won’t feel like something superficial, but rather you will think that you were destined to meet. 

You could even interpret it as a sign from the universe about love.

As if a superior force had conspired for their paths to cross.

But here is something that goes beyond love and has to do with a life lesson. 

4) There is a lot of drama and they bring out the worst in you

Surely you know the expression “to put the finger in the sore spot”. Well, a sign of karmic relationships is exactly this. 

When you feel that the other person has that effect on you. 

It’s like he knows exactly what hurts you the most and uses it against you. And it is what often generates a constant cycle of breakups and reconciliations. 

He awakens that dark side within you that you refuse to acknowledge or accept. Perhaps he is an aspect of you that you were unaware of but must now begin to see. 

Here it is very important that you become aware that no one acts against you or for you. 

People are just different.  Things happen.

Someone arousing those emotions in you is simply life’s way of showing you something you must see. 

Think, why does what this person does affect you so much? Is it something you have too? Is there something you strongly resist? 

5) Hasn’t this happened before?

A great sign of karmic relationships is the repeating patterns. I’m sure you know what I mean.

It happens to all of us that there are certain situations that are repeated over and over again. 

Here the question you have to ask yourself is, what do I have to learn from this situation that keeps repeating itself? And it is essential that you be honest with yourself.

Is your relationship with this man intermittent? 

Does every time they cross each other seem to repeat the same story over and over again? Then it is a clear sign that it is a karmic relationship. 

These relationships seem to get stuck at a point, but this is for you to finally see what you need to let go of or accept in your life. 

6) There is a significant degree of obsession

As much as you know that this person could cause you great pain, you cannot help but return to their side. 

There is an attraction so strong that at times you can not do more than let yourself go. 

If it is a karmic relationship, there may be many ups and downs of passion and attraction.

It could be due to a physical appearance component, someone too handsome, or an enigmatic personality that you love.

The truth is that there is something in that person that attracts you like a magnet, and even if you know that it is not good for you, you cannot let it go. 

7) The relationship can become codependent

Due to the strong emotions that karmic relationships arouse, it could happen that they transform into a toxic bond.

Your worst fears will be awakened and you might even think that he is the only source of your happiness. 

There are those who may feel that they cannot live without the other person. 

Maybe you find yourself constantly thinking about him, or trying to do everything to keep him by your side. 

This dependency could become much more than physical, and also invade your mental and even emotional space.

If you have reached this point, there is something you must do to break the vicious circle.

If you want to read more about the solutions to overcome emotional dependency, I share an article that can help you here. 

8) There is selfishness

Another aspect that frequently arises in karmic relationships is selfishness. 

One of the two sees the relationship as something functional and is not willing to give up their desires and interests. 

Even knowing that it could harm the other person involved.

He could hide behind the excuse that you already knew what he was like and that you cannot pretend otherwise. 

Basically, he does not take into account your needs, nor is he aware of your limits and what you need. 

9) There is jealousy

Another aspect of intense karmic relationships is jealousy. They may or may not be together. 

But if he knows that other men are trying to seduce you, or that you’re even seeing someone, he won’t be able to stand it. 

He will approach you almost immediately and will go out of his way to be with you. 

He needs to know that you still want him, and he can’t stand the thought of someone else owning your heart (and your body). 

In the same way they will lose interest when they feel that they have you at their disposal again. 

10) You feel exhausted

Given the special characteristics of karmic relationships, there comes a point where you feel exhausted from them. 

You get tired of going around the same discussions, it exhausts you to think that they don’t move forward, or go back.

It frustrates you to feel that you are stuck in an endless cycle. And tiredness is not only mental but you see it reflected in your body as well.

If you feel extremely tired of the dynamic in your relationship, it could very well be a karmic relationship. 

11) They can’t last

After all of the above, it is not uncommon to think that a karmic relationship is destined to have an end. 

Once you learn the lessons to be seen from this encounter, or decide to walk away, the bond will inevitably end. 

But it could also happen that they transcend their great differences and what separates them and learn to relate to each other in another way. 

This will depend on your level of consciousness and his. 

In the end, the end of your karmic relationship will happen, however you resolve it. 

12) You will rise from the ashes 

The phoenix could perfectly represent the end of the cycle of a karmic relationship. 

A lot will happen in between, fire, passion, anger, pain, to a point where you feel devastated, maybe. 

But after that storm comes calm, and you will reemerge stronger. 

For the most part, the people who awaken the strongest emotions in us are those who make us grow the most. 

So now you can thank this person who has come to show you something that until now you did not know. 

Could the lesson have been easier? Yeah, but that’s how life works.

13) An invitation to love yourself

This is not something that applies only to karmic relationships. But these reflect it in a special way. 

They are a call to work on yourself, accept yourself and love as you are. 

They help you to see that you can never control what happens around you or who is in front of you, but you can change the way you perceive what happens to you. 

There is no such thing as good or bad in itself, just circumstances and people. You give a value to all that and you must be aware that the power is within you. 

How to walk away from a karmic relationship

Getting out of a toxic relationship is far from easy. 

And this is especially complicated if it is a karmic relationship. 

You will have to find within yourself that special force that you know exists and choose based on your own well-being, beyond impulses. 

In unhealthy relationships, what often happens is that those involved have a distorted view of what true love is. 

Their self-esteem may be damaged and they look for the other to fill that void they feel inside. 

The support of family, friends and even professionals will be a fundamental factor when it comes to overcoming such a relationship. 

And as we mentioned before, the most important thing is that you focus on yourself, your value, respect and self-esteem. 

Do not forget that what we see outside of us is nothing more than a reflection of how we feel inside. 

Reconnecting with the things that are good for you and that you enjoy will be the key to finding that happiness inherent in you. 

Get back the life you had before you came across this person. Get back together with friends, take up the dance or art classes you used to love. There will reside the key to return to your axis. 

And another great factor in achieving personal growth and development is taking responsibility. 

Once you stop trying to blame others for what happens to you, you will realize that you have the power to do what you want with your life and your relationships. 

Trust, you can do it. Cheer up to be happy and love yourself.