Ladies, life shouldn’t be about looking for a mate or a husband

Far too many women place an inordinate importance on the search for a partner or a husband, as if finding someone would probably improve their lives – however this will not be the case. Sure, having a partner is great, but to be honest, you have to have much bigger dreams than just finding a man.

Instead, here are the things that life should revolve around:

1. Do it your way.

Get up when you want to. Go wherever you want. Resign when you decide. Drink it all night long whenever you feel like it. Crack on the most expensive cheese when you want it. You don’t have to justify your actions or your choices, so take full advantage!

2. Challenge yourself.

Set goals and get started. Once achieved, set yourself some more difficult ones – and once those are reached, go beyond yourself again. Never stop raising your ambitions and challenging yourself so that you are at your best.

3. Build your career.

It is said that if you like what you do, it’s like never working – that’s what differentiates a job from a career. Millions of people have jobs, but very few have careers that they enjoy. Focus on that and turn it into something you will be proud of.

4. Maintain exceptional friendships.

Girls 100% true: boys and men come and go while friends are still around. Cliché? Yes. Truthful? Even more !

5. Meet new people.

When you start meeting new people, you never know who you’re going to come across. We can come across a new best friend, our future mentor or even our next big love – although that doesn’t have to be the reason why we get into new dating. Generally, go out and keep an open mind.

6. Travel here and there.

Whether it is a weekend in the neighboring country or on the other side of the world, it is important to travel. Travel enriches life and changes us sustainably, in a way that benefits the soul. Embark on great adventures.

7. Find out who you are and what you want.

Even the most established people in the world have not understood everything – it is normal to be lost. Wander, experience new things , explore every corner of yourself and your life, but always leave a bit of mystery behind.

8. Work on your psychology.

Psychologically strong people manage to face the world. This does not mean that you should see a shrink but that you have to learn how to take care of yourself, psychologically speaking. Practice meditation or yoga. Educate yourself. Keep an open mind and never be afraid to question what seems to be wrong.

9. Get to know your parents.

The relationship you have with your parents as an adult is very different from the relationship you have with them as a teenager. We understand them better than when we are children and they finally treat us like adults. This is the perfect time to get to know your parents as individuals and, dare I say it, as friends. You might find that they are actually pretty cool.

10. Have fun being alone.

A woman who can have fun alone, anytime, is an extremely lucky woman. Realize that you and only you can decide what is fun and what is not. So have fun.

11. Learn to love yourself.

If the best relationship you can have is the one you have with yourself, it is better to pamper yourself … Treat yourself to dates. Treat yourself. Get those damn bouquets of flowers. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are fantastic. No one will ever love you so well, embrace the love you feel for yourself and cuddle it.

Ladies, life shouldn't be about looking for a mate or a husband