Learning from past relationships

The lessons learned from past relationships are a sample of your growth as a person.

You may not be very aware of it, but if you reflect a little, you will realize the changes you had.

If not, then this article will be very useful as a guide and learning at other times.

But what is the use of learning from past relationships?

They actually have a lot to offer you, for example, understanding why love ends.

Therefore, on that occasion, I will tell you some of the benefits of this.

So, if you think that that past relationship did not leave you anything good, you better reconsider after reading this.

In addition, accepting these learnings will allow you not to repeat past mistakes in future relationships.

So, without further words, below, I will tell you about those learnings from past relationships.


First of all, remember that all mistakes bring learning, you may not notice it instantly, but then you will.

In the case of romantic relationships in the past, the same thing happens, only that we are not always willing to accept things.

But the truth is that, as much as that past relationship may seem like a mistake, we learned something.

So that learning means what kind of people we don’t want to have a relationship with again.

So if, for example, that person mistreated your self-esteem by saying horrible things to you, hurting you, and making you feel insecure.

That bad experience allows you to recognize today if someone tries to do the same with you.

Your self-care alarms go off immediately at these toxic ways of acting.

So in the end, you did get something good out of it so bad that it happened to you at another time.

Now, if on the contrary, you deny those bad experiences, it is very likely that you will repeat them at another time in your life.

All because he still does not recognize that those toxic habits are not convenient and it is better to keep them away from you.

That is, you have not captured the learnings of past relationships, so life will put the same situation in the way until you allow it.

So, don’t be surprised if it happens again, but don’t worry, everything has a reason, it’s just a matter of accepting and learning.


On the other hand, do not forget that mistake is natural in us, in fact, it is the best way to learn.

So do not be afraid of making mistakes, the important thing is that you are willing to get up whenever you fall.

For example, if you have a love failure, do not insist on only seeing the negative things about it.

Above all, be grateful for what you have lived and learned, and do not forget to forgive, so you will free yourself from unnecessary burdens.

In this way, you will take advantage of all those learnings from past relationships that add to your life experience.


As I was saying, forgiveness helps you lighten your load, when you practice it you don’t hold grudges.

If in past relationships that person did something bad to you, try to forgive, partly do it for you.

You will see that, by doing so, the damage that person could cause you begins to heal in your heart.

Forgiving your ex does not mean that you are unaware of the wrong thing he did, rather it is an action that helps you grow.

It is to leave behind and overcome without resentment that relationship that did not work for some reason.

It is you know how to forget an impossible love, or rather, a failed love.

The important thing is to keep in mind the learnings from past relationships that you obtained through those not very pleasant experiences.


As you know, the past is something that we cannot change, as they popularly say, the past is past.

However, we can change the way we remember it and recognize how good they were.

Nor can we forget or ignore what happened at another time, but we can heal so that it does not affect us.

It all depends on how we take it and if we take advantage of it or not, the important thing is to transform all that into a positive.

For example, if that boyfriend was unfaithful to you in the past, remember that your partner’s expectations are not always what you expect.

But that there are new opportunities on the road as long as we are not afraid to take risks.

You just have to identify when you are ready for a new relationship and thus leave the past where it belongs.


Another learn from past relationships you may have learned is calm decision-making.

It is very likely that this has taught you to think with a cool head and see life without haste.

Which can go through various things such as maturity and questioning whether this person is right for you or not.

Examples include, if you ended the relationship, making this important decision, and what it took you.

Or, it could be, if they broke up with you, make you aware that maybe they were not the ideal partner for you.

Anyway, the point is, our past influences how we grow, including learnings from past relationships.

So, good decisions are only made calmly and as you live new experiences.

Every time you make better decisions, without haste and with all the awareness that you acquire from moments in the past.

Remember that true love knows how to be patient and wait.


In addition, another of the learnings from past relationships that you could have is to clarify your priorities.

Why? Because after going through a relationship that did not work, you rebuild your life and reflect.

Also, when you just end a relationship, in the first days you are looking for how to stop thinking about your ex.

You take a new path where you pay more attention to your interests and priorities.

But, in addition, you wonder about the things that you give importance to in your life by cutting off that bond.

It’s like you’re going back to pick up things that maybe you put on hold while you were in that relationship.

Or maybe, you get excited about new things that catch your eye and want to learn.


Another thing that is within the learnings of past relationships is the awareness that you acquire about love.

After living that love experience, you realize things about love and your relationship.

Among these things are the following:

-That everything has a beginning and an end.

-That things don’t always go the way we think or want.

-Our feelings can change and it’s okay.

-There are different ways of loving.

-It is important to understand each other.

-Be more patient.

-Make decisions with a cool head.

– How to overcome heartbreak.

And many more.

Perhaps not all this you learn from a single relationship, we all acquire this consciousness in different ways.

The important thing is that you are open to learning when the time comes, either because the relationship ended or for another reason.

In addition, there are many other things that you can learn that make you love with more awareness.

Only this time I mentioned some important ones that happen often.

Another thing is that, not every time, learnings from past relationships come this way, even the opposite could happen.

For example, it could happen that this relationship was so toxic that it left you emotional wounds that were difficult to heal.

It could also happen that you are left with a fear of love or with unhealthy emotional attachment.

But it does not mean that these are things that have no solution, in fact, fortunately, there is always a solution.

The important thing is that you do not lose hope and always look for solutions and the best for you.


Finally, another of the lessons learned from past relationships is the realization that life goes on.

When a relationship ends it is likely to cause us the fear of separation and the failed bond.

However, later on, we realize that this is not the end of the world and there is always sun at the end of the rainbow.

Then one learns that things happen for something and they do not also happen for something, that is, life goes on.

It’s all a matter of how we really assume it and not how we allow ourselves to be carried away by negativity.

Ending a relationship is not easy, but little by little we are learning that this happens and not everything is forever.

So that idea that love should last a lifetime doesn’t always work, it’s just cycles that happen.

What is truly brave is to continue, forgive, accept what you have learned, and continue to believe in love.

Remember that if it doesn’t work today, maybe it will work tomorrow on the next try.

Only now you will know that you are ready for a new, more mature, and conscious relationship.