Lies Guys Tell Girls All the Time

12% of adults admit to telling lies every day, but I guarantee that number is much higher because well, people lie.

This is also true when it comes to the number of lies men tell women.

Whether to hide the truth or just to make a more honorable impression, there are a number of lies men tell women that always have a hidden meaning or an alternate motive.

While some girls are still being fooled by these same old lies every day, most of us have actually learned many of these tricks and discovered the true intentions behind them.

Now lying is not just limited to men.

Women lie too, and in my experience, more often.

It’s funny, as a woman, to hear some of these little white lies on a daily basis.

It’s even funnier to unmask your partner for the lies and see him respond, “I don’t know why you always think I’m lying!”

“I can’t tell if you have makeup on or not”.

If you’re naturally beautiful and don’t need a little makeup to look good (in which case congratulations, I automatically turn green with envy), it’s still pretty obvious when a woman is wearing the least amount of mascara.

I’m not sure if men are honestly oblivious to these minute details, which actually seems pretty plausible, or if they think saying you look like you’re not wearing makeup is the catchphrase of the moment.

Most women I know wear a significant amount of makeup.

It’s not pin-up inspired makeup, but enough to at least say you have makeup on your face.

Men: Try a different approach.

Try to tell us that we did an excellent job of applying our makeup that morning.

To me, that’s a better compliment.

Or I’ll just think you’re gay.

“I’m Not Looking For A Serious Relationship Right Now”.

I will tell you exactly what that means.

That means this guy is not looking for a relationship with you.

To be honest, the only people who desperately seek a relationship with the first person they meet are downright scary.

No one is ever looking for a relationship, it just happens.

You either like the person you just met and don’t want them to be with anyone but you (because that’s what relationships are essential, a product of selfishness) or you don’t.

It’s much easier to tell a woman that you’re not looking for a relationship, rather than just telling her that you don’t like her because women are crazy and extremely naive.

“I Love These Clothes”.

I think this lie only refers to women’s fashion.

If you’re a fashion-ahead, trend-conscious woman, you’ve definitely heard this lie.

Men are confused by trends.

The only clothes they want to see on you are the ones they can easily take off.

His wrinkled pants and jacquard blazer are confusing to them.

They think, “Ow, you’re dressed like a gay kid, that doesn’t make sense.”

Men hate most of the trends that women love but are (hopefully your boyfriend is) polite and therefore say they love what you’re wearing.

This lie is not really relevant to women’s feelings.

We know men hate what we’re wearing, but we just don’t care.

Women dress for themselves and to impress other women.

Not men.

“Yes, I would love to go to dinner with your family.”

Women are the only people who expect to meet the families of other important people.

Women have fantasies of becoming best friends with their mother-in-law and having a father-in-law congratulate them on a job well done.

Women wait for vacations and Sunday dinners to meet their partner’s family.

Men don’t.

Men hope and pray they never have to meet their family, especially their father.

I don’t care how nice your family is, your guy isn’t interested.