Are you planning to write a love text for your man? These few models will allow you to formulate your text with the right words in order to avoid the possible inconveniences linked to improvisation.

Long love texts for a man…

=========== Love text: You changed everything in my life ===============

When I met you for the first time I didn’t think you were going to change everything in my life, it started with looks and exchanges of little text messages, your sweet words knew how to make me crack I tried to resist your charm but nothing to do my love, the more the days pass the more I attach myself to you, my heart sinks faster when I see you. You have become the only person who matters, you are the only man who fulfills me, without you I am lost, you are my strength my angel I care about you and I love you more than life itself.

========== Love text: You will always remain my love ==============

Whatever happens, you are and you will always be the most beautiful gift of my life… every moment, and every second spent with you is absolute happiness for me, nothing and no one in the world can ever take your place in my heart, I love and adore you more than anything, you are my precious treasure, I hope I can give you everything you hope for from me,… you fill me with love and joy every day my angel,… I love you very much

========== Love text for you my love ============

My love, I love you more than anything, I like to take refuge in your arms when I’m not well, when I put my head on you and I hear your heartbeat it reassures me and calms me down, I snuggled up in your arms, you always rock me tenderly and you kiss me gently, I love you the angel who watches over me, I love you more than anything in the world, thank you for always being there for me.

==========Love text: I simply love you. ==================

My darling, my tender love, you are beautiful and strong, with such a soft voice, and such caressing hands, you who know so well how to take me in your arms to console me or to show me your passionate love, you whom I love more than anything, which is so much a part of me that I don’t even know how I could live without you before, I love you as we no longer know how to say it, as we no longer know how to write it, I love you love beyond words, beyond appearances, beyond time, I love you with all my heart, with all my soul, I love you from the depths of me, I simply love you.

========== Love text for my darling ===============

You are my love and not only that, but you are also my guardian angel, my refuge, my love, and my best friend, the one I can count on, the one to whom I confide all my secrets, the one who always knows when I’m going badly, even when I try to hide my sadness… with you I feel good, I feel loved, I feel understood, you reassure me in a few words… you do my heart and soul so much good, without you I would be nothing. You make me happy my love, every moment spent with you is only happiness, never doubt it, baby… I love you madly passionately and madly tenderly from the depths of my soul you are more precious than my life.