Love a woman without a filter: find out why it’s a great idea!

Unconventional women often make the spiciest lovers! I am one of them and I know what I am talking about!

We certainly have no filters, but we are honest and always frank. What is more, we always give our all for those we love (well I grant you, that’s a point common to all women in love).

So, ready for the challenge? If the answer is yes, know that you will not regret it. Find out now why women without filters are often the coolest lovers in the world:

We are absolutely honest

With us, there is no need to fear lies because there never is! We are followers of the truth and do not hesitate to say it, however difficult it may be to hear.

Secrets are not our thing… We will not tell stories either in order to preserve the ego of a hotel or a hotel.

We are ourselves, in all circumstances and would be very difficult to be otherwise. No masks, no secret: the truth and the whole truth. And if that doesn’t suit you, it’s too bad for you!

We don’t know how to pretend

We are unable to manipulate or use others.

With us, no little games… No “follow me I run from you and run away from me I follow you”. No cat and mouse game. No complicated and tiring games of seduction. No, we are ourselves and you will have to learn to deal with it again.

No tactics either. With us, you will quickly know what to expect and will not have to spend hours wondering what we want or expect. You will never need to think for hours in order to find a way to get the worms out of us.

Our humor is often offbeat, but stripping!

When we are filter-free and 100% natural, we often have the personality that goes with it. In other words, we are generally real enthusiasts, always ready to set the mood!

And you know why we are armed with the scouring humor that characterizes us so well? Quite simply because truth and honesty presuppose that one also knows how to laugh at everything and, of course, first of all at oneself.

And as a single woman, I am always waiting for the man who will appreciate this quality!

We are loyal

At this point, you have probably already understood: our greatest quality (default?) Is our honesty. And if we are honest, we are also of unfailing loyalty.

We are not the type to flutter. If our couple is struggling, we will not look elsewhere. No, we will approach the subject directly. If we are unhappy, we will try to solve the problem or we will simply go away.

We are loyal and faithful. For us, adultery is out of the question. You can count on our deductible.

Love is extremely important to us.

And when we love, we don’t love half. Once you sign up, you sign up for good. This is valid for all relationships that we maintain: family, friends or in love…

And I hope you are not afraid of it. It would be a shame, being with someone who knows what he wants is still a great opportunity.

Believe me, going out with a woman who knows what she wants, who is open about her feelings and who is not afraid to express them, is a huge time and energy saver!

Already, this will be an opportunity for you to learn to demonstrate the same honesty. Something that can only do you good. And above all, you can fall asleep each night knowing how much you are loved…

We have no trouble talking about our past life

We will play cards on the table. We will tell you all of our secrets, especially those relating to our past life. We will tell you about our previous love stories, why they didn’t last, lessons learned, etc.

With us, no censorship. We will tell you everything, even if in some cases our anecdotes do us no honor! No shame, we assume our successes, as our mistakes.

Once again, you’ll know what to expect from the start. And when you aspire to an adult and serious relationship, nothing better than playing cards on tables. Secrets and the unsaid are often what precipitates a relationship to an end.

You will have full access to our thoughts

To be without a filter is above all to be in sharing. It is living with the other while being able to reveal oneself.

If one is not well, you will know why. If you are not trusted, you will also know the reasons. You will not have to dig and harass us to understand where we are and what we really think of you.

And if you have a fragile ego, if you need to be put on a pedestal and constantly flattered, women without filters are definitely not for you. But do not worry, if you belong to this kind of man, we will not waste time with you and will quickly move on to something else.

We won’t hide anything from you

No mysterious ex, no late texts, no hidden calls… None of that: the truth and the whole truth. We like to be transparent and expect the same from our romantic partners.

If it is something that you are struggling with or that you are not used to, we will accompany you on this long journey of truth and honesty. Because it is for us, the sine qua non of a romantic relationship that works.

We will help you work on your own “filters” and help you gain maturity. And this with great pleasure, if that’s really what you want.

We always do our best to be caring

Some truths are sometimes difficult to hear. Honesty can therefore sometimes pass for rudeness, even for nastiness. We are well aware of this and that is why we do our best to be kind and never hurt anyone.

It can be more difficult to say than to do, but in the event of a slip, we can also apologize and admit our wrongs. We are, for the most part, well-behaved and are well aware of social conventions too!

We are anything but mean! We are without filters but are nevertheless very sensitive to others. And if we are on the same wavelength, everything will be fine. No one is perfect, we know it and as long as you understand it too, everything should be fine.

Life is always more exciting with us

Last but not least, we are true flavor enhancers! Being in a couple with a girl without a filter is wonderful and it guarantees a daily life full of surprises.

We will make you laugh. We will challenge you. You will be offered to progress together, etc. In short, a real pleasure!