Love at work: 3 tips for managing a relationship

To meet love in a marriage? The idea is very romantic certainly, but reality tells us that it is where we spend the most time that we will fall in love. It should come as no surprise that 12% of households are trained in the office. 3 tips for colleagues-lovers to manage this relationship.

The secret: good or bad idea?

When a relationship starts, you very often want to keep things to yourself. As if sharing this with others would harm what we are going through. Whether it is high school friends, parents or colleagues , we think: “It must not be known.” But let’s not face it, even if this situation is reassuring or exciting at the beginning, it is not sustainable over time. Unless you live on a desert island, others will necessarily find out, so you might as well announce it yourself.

Stay professional!

So yes, in the short or medium term, everyone in the office will know that you are in a relationship with Roger. Some of your colleagues may even have witnessed the birth of your relationship. It’s cute, no doubt, but be careful, however, not to make things too intimate. It is difficult, especially at the beginning, in the joy of the beginnings and under the pressure of your colleagues / girlfriends, not to tell too many details . This is when it is good to remember that, even if everyone gets on well and the atmosphere is ideal, you are at your workplace . So tell a little, but not too much and above all, stay classy.

Don’t mix it all up!

If staying professional guarantees you a liveable work environment, small precautions are also necessary to preserve your relationship in the personal sphere . How, for example, to escape the traditional dinner where you are going to talk … about the office? Establish rules that will allow the relationship to flourish between the personal and professional spheres. If you have the same schedule, avoid traveling together as much as possible. Or do it and decide that once you get home, you move on. You can also discuss work at lunch and never at dinner. The possibilities are endless!

And you, what are your rules?