Love behavior: Why are we different?

When you are in a relationship or have just had a nice meeting, you are different. It is impossible for everyone to have the same romantic behavior.

You are all different and you love your other half in your own way, only your romantic behavior is mostly there because you undoubtedly have certain qualities or certain defects that take place and control your romantic behavior.

Behavior in love: Women vs men

In any case, you shouldn’t be fooled by appearances, but men are not that different than women after all. When a man is in love he is ready for anything, and is not as selfish as women might think. You each have your own romantic behavior that’s for sure, but this is explained above all by your personality, your character.

Love shyness controls your behavior

To begin with, a lot of us have the “symptom” of shyness … And yes, you don’t dare, you don’t want to show off, you’re not comfortable when it’s crowded… D ‘in a way it paralyzes you! In short, you are just shy, and that prevents you from having the ideal romantic behavior. Only, that does not call into question your love for your dear and tender. On the contrary, you express to him in another way that is yours.

Pride changes your romantic behavior

You tend to be proud of yourself and therefore not behave the way you should. Indeed, as soon as you are no longer alone with your other half, you are hardly the same. Finally, you have a way of showing your sweetheart that you love them. In the evening with friends, family, or even in the street, as soon as there are people, suddenly you become someone else as if you have this need to preserve yourself or to give a reflection of yourself that is not you. You don’t need it to stay strong. Assume to be in love and put away this useless pride!

Your sentimental behavior: Jealousy

Jealousy, a quality or a flaw, it doesn’t matter. In any case, it plays a major role in your relationship and in your behavior. You just can’t seem to show him that you love him and that only he or she matters. No, on the contrary, you use your jealousy to express it. Only this is not the way you should behave. Show her that you are jealous but not hysterical. Preserve your couple!