Love Confession: When, Where and How to Show Your Feelings

Confess love – Desired by the other, and yet so difficult to bring to the lips. It’s those three little words that make our heart beat faster, that we crave and that can trigger the greatest feelings of happiness: “I love you!” According to the study, 99 percent of respondents have already said them.

We want to go deep into the subject of expressions of love and show you whether you should confess your love at the knowing stage or not. The way you convey that message is also important so that your words don’t lose their impact. The tips below show you which channels you can still use to be creative and express your affection.

The right time to confess your love

Are you still in the dating phase, but you are so enamored with your potential partner that you wonder if you should give love importance or not? After all, revealing your true love prematurely can also put the other under pressure. But you no longer want to keep your emotions to yourself.

When the ideal time comes to show your affection, it is evident from two of our study facts. Feeling and security play an important role. 58 percent of respondents confess their love as soon as they really feel affection for their other part. 31 percent wait until they are sure about the question “does he love me” or “she loves me” and it is certain that both are interested in a stable relationship.

Confessing love: what to look for

The way in which this emotional world is transmitted is crucial if we are to be crowned with success. You must send meaningful words through the right channel first. Here are the three most important ways to correctly express your emotions:

1. Make the confession of love in person

This is an important message that you must convey face to face. The words need to come out of your own lips. Because only then can your counterpart understand the intensity and honesty with which you confess your love. This increases the value and gives the correct meaning to the words. Since you also communicate non-verbally with your body language, you avoid misunderstandings or misinterpretations of your words in face-to-face conversations. At the same time, the advantage is that your potential partner can react immediately.

What not to do:   Even if you prefer alternative means of communication – WhatsApp messages and SMS. They are definitely the wrong way to go. Even a “romantic” love letter is inappropriate here.

2. Find the right environment to confess your love

Even if you love at first sight and got caught freezing, don’t fall through the door. Sort your feelings and get clarity: is it just a first crush or is there already attraction and closeness? Check that the frame is correct. This intimate moment shouldn’t necessarily take place in public in front of family, friends or other audiences, as it risks flaunting your counterpart with your reaction. This also increases the pressure on the other.

Don’t let the intoxication of hormones entice you to express your love, even during a hot night of lovemaking. Ecstatic bliss is short-lived. The confession of love, on the other hand, must convey persistence. Create a suitable environment and create a romantic atmosphere so that your words gain weight and the necessary space.

What not to do:   Don’t do it on the first date. If you confess your love too soon to get to know each other, it can be emotionally overwhelming for the other person. Because if you eventually find out that your boyfriend doesn’t have the potential for a relationship, you’re even angrier at his careless handling of your feelings.

3. Do the right thing

In addition to “when?” And from the “where?”, the “how?” It is also of great importance. With tender gestures, innuendo, or even a kiss on the mouth, you emphasize your words. You can expand the overall package with new feats or romantic surprises. A small gift or a personal gesture of attention that affirms the symbol of love can help here, so that your effort is taken seriously.

What Not:   Cute empty phrases or a mere “I think you’re great” aren’t enough to replace crucial words. Keep the situation serious and don’t try to create supposed levity with unnecessary comedies.

Small confessions of love in everyday relationships

In a serious relationship, a love message should not be an isolated action that is only performed in the first phase of love. In extreme contrast, inflationary use can make the message lose its magic. Next, we will give you some ideas on how, in the future, you can continue to confess your love in everyday life as a couple.

  • Bring your partner’s favorite wine after work at night
  • Prepare your favorite dish
  • Show your affection by pinning a note of affectionate words to the bathroom mirror
  • Surprise with movie tickets to a movie that might interest the one you love
  • Bring flowers as a small gift, even if you don’t have a specific reason.
  • Every now and then, give small honest compliments
  • Show utility in the house
  • Also, dare to take spontaneous actions: for example, pick up your partner at work
  • Surprise your partner with a massage
  • Show your support even in difficult times

Conclusion: to confess love or not? Make a big impact with small words

Don’t underestimate the power of saying “I love you”. If you keep the above points in mind, chances are good that your word-of-mouth service will reach your loved one’s ears at the right time and in the way you want.

Finally, we’d like to provide you with an overview of the “do’s” and “don’ts” you should consider if you want to confess your love:

What to do:

  • Communicate your emotions face to face
  • Wait for the appropriate environment and time
  • Make sure the situation is right (private environment, right environment)
  • Take care of a serious overall package with physical contact or loving gestures

What not to do:

  • Avoid digital or analog letters.
  • Don’t confess your love too early in the dating stage
  • Avoid inappropriate situations (public or romantic night)
  • Avoid ambiguous wording