Love Letters to Fall in Love with a Man

Have you thought about making a man fall in love using techniques from the past? . Today with new technologies we are forgetting the letters written “by hand” that have been and continue to be very effective when we want to make that special man fall in love .

In this article I bring you 3 letters that you can use to send to that man you want to conquer.

Love letter to make a man fall in love

” When I met you, you drove me crazy. I was at a point in my life when I resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to fall in love. I convinced myself that I did not need anyone and was fine alone. I was an independent woman. This is still true, but now I am an independent woman who has an anchor and a pillar to hold her when she needs strength and calm.

You think being an anchor for someone can be bad, but in my eyes, you keep me still in the water even when the roughest waves try to shake me. You are there to grab me when I feel like I can float away and guide me back to reality. You are my support when I feel weak and tired . You give me the strength to carry on even in my darkest days.

I honestly don’t know how you can handle me.

When I need constant love and attention you give it to me, without complaint.

When I need comfort and you tell me that I’m pretty, you do it, without getting angry. Even when I know I’m being annoying, you love me more, remaining stable and patient. You love my flaws and my extravagance, telling me never to change: that you love me as I am.

When we are joking and I have a random thought in my head, distracting me from the task at hand, you laugh and stroke my face. When I told you that I value s**x and wanted to wait, I knew you would accept it and you never pressured me.

Every day you show me parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed. I can share my innermost secrets with you, without fear of judgment or rejection. When I first met you, I didn’t recognize the girl I saw in the mirror, but now I see myself clearly again. I came to see myself on my own, but you made it more special and more valuable, showing me that I deserved love, that I never lose hope in myself or in the world. You are the first man to call me beautiful and the first man I believed in because I saw it in your eyes.

You really think I’m beautiful

I love you MY LOVE . «

Love letter to make a man fall in love

» When I met you, I fell in love. It wasn’t love at first sight, but I knew you would have a fundamental role in my life. If you have doubts about how much I love you, then stop and listen to my heart beat. You are the sunlight in my life, the blood that runs through my veins and the prince that I adore.

I used to think that it was not possible to love someone so deeply and submissively, but you have shown me that true love really exists because I found it in you.

I just want you to know that no one has brought as much joy and satisfaction to my heart as you have. In your presence, I find a peace that I have never experienced before. I can’t think of what my life will look like without you by my side. I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

I love you ! «

Love letter to fall in love with a man who is far away

» Hello my love, today I am sad because you are not with me. Miss you.

If I could do something about the pain I feel every time you are away from me, I would have no doubt that I would. I don’t really care what people say about you, no matter how far you’ve gone or what you’re doing wherever you are, I want you to know that you mean everything to me, I really love you and will love you to the end of my days, I would even love you after death if possible ..

There may be a great distance between us right now, but I think we can still make this relationship last longer than we can hope. Knowing that you belong to me is a special gift that deserves to be celebrated. I just want you to hold onto that trust that you have in me because I’m not ready to leave you for any reason. I sincerely love you from the bottom of my heart. Only you with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.

I love you I miss you. «