Love the girl who always feels lonely

Love the girl who always feels alone because people didn’t take care of her as they should, who didn’t protect her fragile and naive heart, and who made her feel alone in a world made up of billions of people. She has no one to remind her that she matters and that she can be open and accept people who try to cross her barrier.

The reason for this obstacle is that she has no one to remind her how important she is. She deserves your honest love because she will kiss her as no one else has ever done. She will devote all of her energy to being with you because you will be the first person to make her feel that she is part of something bigger.

The only catch is that you have to be ready to wake up every day, sweep her hair out of her sleepy eyes and remind her that she is more than just an empty space.

Love this girl because she won’t take anything for granted. She knows gratitude better than anyone because she treats people the way she hopes people will treat her in return. Be the orange in the gray in which she lives.

She will never let you fall asleep in anger or reject your hugs and kisses when you anger her because even then she will know that you are the light at the end of the tunnel. You will mean more to her than you can ever understand. She has been feeling alone for so long and it will be as if you are the only thing that gives her hope for a better tomorrow.

She will love you immensely and passionately. Love it and it will give you adventure, memories, love and the assurance that you are not alone and that, thanks to you, it is not either.