Love without taking the lead or stay alone – it’s your choice

If your love for each other is not so then you are wasting BOTH of your time.

I believe in love without taking the lead.

I believe in great displays of affection in public. Even if that means that the jealous and the envious will categorize you or advise you to take a room.

I believe in flirting, even when we have been dating for years.

I believe in discovering our inner limits and in overcoming them together.

I believe in forgiveness, acceptance and our ability to move forward even when others have hurt us.

I believe in the healing power of listening. And empathy. And in a sincere “me too” administered at the right time.

I believe in apologies when you have done something wrong. By assuming responsibility in your relationship. By embracing our responsibilities and the responsibility for our behavior in life in general.

I believe in the sensuality of autonomy because it is when we take care of ourselves that we are truly able to be present for others.

I believe in the simplicity of meetings, in those who are extravagant as well as in those who are funny and whose laughter resonates for decades.

I believe in thanks, very much.

I believe in simple relationships. In authentic connections. And in this kind of coincidences that can only arise from a connection with our twin flame.

I believe in the need to delve into difficult conversations. To show us as we are. And share our suffering with others.
I believe in the importance of accepting ourselves as we are today, while aspiring to evolve at a healthy pace.

I believe in the gratouilles on the head and in our feet which brush against each other… In the kisses on the nose and in our hands one in the other.

I believe that people who are made to be together will always, over time, find a way to be together.

I believe in transparency, vulnerability and a deep love of honesty.

I believe that romantic relationships are the perfect place to grow.

I believe in regular meetings to stay connected as well as in romantic gestures.

I believe in this kind of rewarding love that, when we get home, pushes us to become what we really are.

I believe that the people who sincerely work on themselves are the ones who end up finding this type of intimate relationship that most people think is reserved for fairy tales.

I believe in hugs that last and in sweet kisses.

I believe in loving someone who looks, feels and reminds us of the house.

I believe in hours-long sex games, quickies and morning sex. Sometimes even in one day!

I believe in the phrase “fire society.” I’m going to have sex and I’m going to ENJOY. “

I believe in passionately kissing your spouse even when you are sick. Especially when you are sick.

I believe in the need to redouble this love which helps us to grow … to evolve … to open up.

And all this comes down to loving without taking the lead.

Make efforts. Show your partner that you care about him. Invent the love you desire in thoughts, in your words and in your actions, daily.
CAD… Love without taking the lead.

If you are one of those who love without taking the lead, I salute you.