Loving someone who thinks too much is a real challenge

Loving a person who thinks too much is difficult:


Because you love someone whose mind is constantly mulling over a lot of different things. You like a person who cannot change their way of thinking.

A person who thinks too much will have a thousand questions. She processes a million things at once and is overwhelmed with “what ifs”.

  • You need to be confident in your relationship.
  • You can’t let her head start to be twisted with doubt.
  • You can’t just tell her you’re there for her. You have to do it.
  • You can’t just put words in his head. You must act.
  • You have to listen carefully. His past or concerning his last night.

She becomes fearless, and it comes out of nowhere. You have to understand and give it protection.

When she thinks that everything is terrible, you have to think that everything is fine.

Show him empathy. Show her that you won’t judge her. Show her that you’re not going anywhere when she tells you her greatest fear or what worries her.

Show him that you are going to love him, despite the way he thinks and worries.

You have to tell her how you are feeling, never hide anything. Someone who thinks through it will try to make sense of everything you say and do. Always tell the truth.

You must be able to calm her down. You have to promise that you will be there no matter what happens.

Be prepared to have a difficult conversation. To answer a thousand questions.

Loving a person who thinks too much is a challenge, but all relationships are difficult, right?

People who overthink can sometimes drive you crazy, but they will love you and always stick with you.