How to have a more solid romantic relationship? Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to tell our loved ones what they mean to us. But don’t get carried away in this whirlwind because this kind of little thoughtfulness doesn’t need a lot of planning! Love is found in loving everyday gestures. It is sometimes difficult to meet face to face with your partner, to share a pleasant moment.<>


There is always a working dinner, a school trip, a sports activity, a dinner with friends, homework to be corrected, household chores, etc. The list is long…

Often, once evening arrives, you want to sleep more than to communicate or play little love games with your loved one.

If you feel like you need to have a one-on-one date with your other half, to spend some time with her, because life is getting too much for you.

keep away from each other, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these few tips.

If you’re not always as close to your partner physically as you would like, these tips will help you get closer mentally.

It’s all about communication and sharing the little things in life.


1 / The love letter for the wedding anniversary. There is nothing more powerful than a letter to make your relationship stronger.

A few years ago, my wife agreed to write me a love letter for our anniversary.

I believe it was an idea she had read in a magazine, initiated by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. Apparently, this is something they were doing instead of buying expensive gifts.

So obviously it didn’t work for their wedding, but for us, it turned out to be the anniversary gift we love the most.

Write down all the things you love about your other half. In many cases, this is better than any couple gift idea you could.

imagine, and in addition, it will resonate like a memory of the vows made at the wedding.

Of course, if you like to write, you don’t have to wait until your wedding anniversary to write a letter: any time is welcome to share your feelings with your loved one.

2 / Talk about your day, sitting across from each other.

Nothing better than a discussion at the table in the evening to tell each other about your day. Even after all these years of marriage, we still love to chat face to face.

It took a while for me to get my wife to talk, but now we are used to telling each other the best and the worst moments of our respective days.

And that brings us closer together!

3 / Celebrate all your successes together.

Nothing better than toast with a glass of champagne (in moderation, of course) regardless of the success.

4 / Let your partner know when he impresses you.

“I’m proud of you” is a phrase everyone loves to hear. Don’t hesitate to say it when you feel it.

5 / Never underestimate the power of a hug.

Putting your arms around someone is always heartwarming. For example, Leo, my three year old son, loves cuddles. He likes to receive it, but also to give it.

Sometimes he will spontaneously hug someone if he thinks that person is too sad to him.

6 / Send him a photo that is meaningful to you.

A small MMS takes two minutes to be sent. Take a photo of the location of your first date, a photo of a gift your loved one gave you, and send it to them.

adding a little note explaining all the feelings that are currently going through you

7 / Share experiences.

Whether it’s a movie, a new CD, a magazine article, or a novel. Talk about what you have read, seen, heard, and why you liked or hated it.

Do it regularly, it’s good to share.

8 / Give compliments.

Everyone likes to receive them. It’s like a little mood booster! You can tell it directly to the person you love, or just write it on a little post-it that they’ll read later. The surprise will be even greater!

9 / Dance!

It sure doesn’t take long to find a great song that you both like, so sit back and dance around the living room table for example!

Just 5 minutes will already do you good. It’s a wonderful way to physically reconnect with each other.

10 / The little touches

Doing something unexpected for the other, especially when that other is busy and stressed, is a great way to show that you understand what your loved one is going through, and also that you are supporting them.


Showing your partner how much you love them through thoughtful gestures does not take a lot of time or effort, think about it from time to time, makes the relationship more solid, and strengthens the bond of the couple

And in addition, it’s a safe bet that you will be rewarded each time for your efforts and boost your romantic affinity!

stronger relationship isn’t that hard, so show it off now!