Man finds it difficult to say “I love you”, 5 reasons for his silence, free yourself

Why is it difficult for men to say I love you? There are several reasons why it is difficult for a man to say “I love you” I know that a woman in love would like to hear more “I love you” from her man, but you can look at his actions. If his actions show you that he loves you, you can rest easy.

Saying “I love you” is important to both of you, especially when the relationship takes time. Let’s see why it is difficult for a man to say “I love you” or “I love you.” Actually, the first to say “I love you” is the man, but he can say it without feeling it, and then he does not say it again.

– There are men who have difficulty expressing their love emotions
– The word “I love you” has not been familiar during their childhood
– For fear of losing the freedom they imagine as their reason for being
– If they have suffered violence in their privacy
– Yes has had previous very traumatic deceptions

For a woman, it is very important that her man say “I love you” because that way they feel safe. Tenderness is very important to them and “I love you” has that magical effect.

For some women, no matter how much love is shown to them, they need to reaffirm their confidence with a loud “I love you.” But it is difficult for a man to say “I love you” for different reasons, not necessarily because he does not love you.

For what reasons it is difficult for a man to say I love you

Why is it so hard for some men to say “I love you”? The need to listen is explained because women are auditory, whereas men are more visual. A man is content to see his loved one by his side. But the woman needs to continually hear the confirmation of that love.

Why are there people who find it difficult to say I love you? The fear of saying I love you or I love you is more general than we would like to admit. However, it is easier to feel that you love another person and not feel that you love yourself.

We do a lot to love another person and very little to love ourselves. And here the problem begins. But not all men have a hard time saying “I love you.” Now let’s see why it is difficult to say “I love you

The man is not very emotional due to cultural factors

In many cultures, men assume the role of males, leaving aside emotions and sensitivity. It is women who assume the emotional roles of partner, friend, mother, daughter, and partner.

The man is taught to be unemotional and with less physical contact. Men learn to repress their emotions, “men don’t cry.” Man is associated with the power of strength and virility.

Man is taught to express his love by protecting and caring, rather than verbally.

Men are afraid of commitment

It is difficult for a man to commit when he is just getting to know what his life will be like as a couple. But there are also men who do not like commitment because they do not like living as a couple. Not everyone accepts the traditional life as a couple.

There are also men who cannot advance beyond the infatuation phase. That is why it is difficult for a man to say I love you, they cannot advance to the stage of love. For these men, it is as if adolescence lasted until they were 35 years old.

Some men feel less of a man

Men with a high degree of macho ego do not like to feel less than their partners. For these men, saying “I love you” is a sign of weakness. With an intelligent woman, they feel the threat of their status quo, of losing their dominant image.

It is difficult for a man to say I love you out of an absurd fear of losing his role as provider and protector of women. And if it is a more intelligent or free woman, it could pose a threat to your ego.

It is difficult for a man to say that he loves you for fear of rejection

Many insecure men believe they protect themselves by hiding their sensitivity and tenderness. For them expressing their feelings of love is vulnerability, which is why their fears are manifested. Their expectation of rejection is strong and by not feeling that pain they are not risking it.

Unintentionally they strengthen your fears and weaken your capacity for love. In this way, they transmit insecurity in their partners and the relationship does not progress.

Man finds it hard to say I love you if he doesn’t feel it

It is not easy to truly love, but tenderness is very important for a woman. Maybe that’s why there are men who say I love you without feeling it, just to please the woman. Many couples live without love, each indifferent to their own love.

Men have several partners, throughout their lives, not because they love a lot, but because they do not feel that passion that holds them back. The women they really loved might be a lucky two.

If your man has a hard time saying he loves you, here are some reasons. Don’t expect it to change, change yourself, start building love in your heart. It’s your life, love your life, build the lifestyle you want to live, don’t expect someone else to do it.