Marriage: How do you know if he is ready to commit?

Wearing a beautiful white dress or having a romantic marriage proposal is every woman’s dream. Very often, making your love official in front of the mayor, family and friends is one of the dreams you secretly cherish. Yet time goes by but the gentleman still hasn’t taken the plunge. So how do you know if your partner wants to keep you for life?

A marriage proposal represents a lot, indeed it is considered as the ultimate proof that your spouse wants to end his life with you. The assurance that you are for him, the woman of his entire existence. If women are often quicker to feel the desire to marry. On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult for some men to go as far as this commitment. How do you know that you are in a serious relationship, with a man who is looking to the future? Are there any signs of a will to get involved ? Some behaviors do not deceive, know how to decipher them in order to know if your companion is ready to take the plunge .

He is independent is autonomous

Men see their life as a series of consecutive phases. Their ability to be able to love a woman and be committed to her depends almost exclusively on the period of life a man is in more than the personality of the woman itself.
So know ladies that one of the most obvious signs that a man is ready to commit is his personal situation. Indeed, a man who still lives with his parents, or has no financial autonomy, is rarely ready to unite with a woman. Men in 90% of cases, will first express the desire to stabilize financially, before considering marriage or other engagement.
If he’s perfectly independent, lives in his own apartment, pays his bills, and knows how to manage his life on his own, that’s a very good sign. You have in front of you a man who does meet his responsibilities, and who is ready to take care of someone other than himself. He is a man who knew how to grow up, and who is no longer a child. The fact of managing himself is indicative of a certain maturity, which lets us understand that he is able to sign and will know how to adapt to a new life. That in the commitment and the life of couple.

He’s not the same man anymore

Since you’ve been together he has changed and everyone has noticed that he no longer has this hardened bachelor behavior. He gave up many of his faults. He has calmed down, he no longer expresses the desire to skim bars or clubs every weekend with his friends. He also evokes this period of festive life in the past, with a certain weariness in his voice. It shows that your man has turned a corner in his life and he can take it to a new level . He wants to spend as much time as possible with you.
He is attentive to you, knows your tastes. He cares about pleasing you in his daily behavior, because he does not want to hurt you or worse yet lose you. He gives you news every day, and takes the time to know how you are doing. He has made you one of his priorities in life and makes you feel like you have a much needed place.
There are no other women in his love life. Indeed for a man to decide to cross the course of marriage . His mind and heart should be turned to one and the same woman. If your friend no longer brings up his exes, and if other women don’t seem to matter to him anymore, then you have the right to be very optimistic!
He’s always there when you need it. You know you can count on him at all times. He is a support and support when you are going through difficult times. He listens to you, asks you for advice before making important decisions. He confides in you, shares his daily life with you. You feel that your presence counts in his life, that you have participated in his change and his development. He introduced you to all his relatives, made you completely part of his existence. These are all signs that Mister considers you much more than just a girlfriend.

He talks about you in the future

He stopped speaking in the conditional to express himself in the future: “next year we will go together to discover Brazil”. During your conversations, he regularly talks about possible joint projects. He probes you through small questions: your choice of apartment, your choice of house, your taste in terms of planning. You talk about buying together. It is clear that he wants to invest in the long term with you.
He evokes more and more often his biological clock, because yes men have one too. He doesn’t want to be too old a daddy. He talks about children. And regularly makes You feel that you could be the mother of his own. You even have to discuss first names. He comments on the wedding ceremonies you go to and asks for your opinion without ever declaring his intention. We can assume that he is projecting himself into your own wedding ceremony , and is already trying to put together details that will make it a unique day.
When he talks about your relationship, you feel that it gives him stability, and that he is happy. He admits to you that he wants to wake up every day by your side. Miss if you still doubt, you can be convinced: your darling is ripe for his marriage proposal . He wants you in his life, and… for life! So a little more patience, a nice surprise could arrive soon.