Mistakes to avoid at the start of a relationship

Are you in a relationship and happy to be? Congratulations! However, you need to be aware that being in a relationship requires work every day, almost every moment! Especially if you want the relationship to last … Here is a small inventory of mistakes to avoid at the start of a couple relationship, so that everything goes well and you can live with love and freshwater :

1 / Do not harass the other

Being in a couple does not mean that you have to be available for each other 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! And you risk getting tired, or boring your darling, if you constantly send them SMS, Snaps etc … Yes it is important to show proof of love as a couple, but it is just as important to don’t overdo it. At the risk of seeing the effect of the latter diminish.

2 / Don’t say everything about yourself

Keep a little mystery that the devil! It can be tempting, when you think you’ve found your other half, to reveal yourself completely, to entrust everything. However, it is important on the one hand that you keep a small secret garden, and on the other hand, that you leave it to your partner to discover you over time! Everyone has more hidden, more secret facets of their personality. The joy of discovery and the thrill of surprise are two elements that help ease a couple’s daily routine. So why deny it?

3 / Do not try to see him every day

It is a pitfall in which many people, unfortunately, fall, especially at the start of a relationship. Inevitably, you are in the middle of a fusional love phase, and you want to spend most of your time in contact with the other … And we do not blame you, it’s great! Be careful, however, not to invade the other person’s personal space too much, and allow a little privacy for both of you. Especially if one or the other come out of a long period of celibacy, and that quite naturally, you had to reclaim certain habits!

4 / Don’t talk about your exes

When you give yourself up to your other half, you tend to get carried away and say everything, maybe sometimes a little too much … The subject of ex, if not taboo, is still to be avoided. Yes, nobody is fooled, most of us have already had several exes. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go into the details of these relationships with your other half, which would be good to know that you have experienced such and such things with such and such a person … You would risk hurting him/her, or to make him/her feel insecure, or to create a bad spirit of competition, by comparing them, involuntarily or not.

5 / Do not put pressure

You know, like tackling certain subjects … Like starting to ask him if he/she wants children, getting married, when, how, where, etc … This is the best way to panic the other, and to / scare her away! Take it easy at the start of the relationship, do not start to burn 50 steps when it has only been a few days/weeks that you are together!

6 / Do not idealize it

Ahh, love… Very often at its beginnings, love is more passion than anything else! Which clearly makes one blind to the other! So try to stay grounded! And this, in spite of the sentiment of love which comes to muddle the tracks. Yes, the other seems perfect to you, to have all the qualities of the world, but it is false. And the more you idealize your partner, the more you risk falling from above. So take a step back, and tell yourself that you are both imperfect, but that together you can try to become it.

7 / Do not play a role

Some people put on a mask at the start of the relationship to hide their weaknesses, their faults, and appear ideal in the eyes of their other half. But chase away the natural, it comes back at a gallop … So be careful not to lie to yourself, and therefore to the other, because he/she will inevitably end up seeing it for himself/herself, and will necessarily disappointed, and you may not appreciate the backlash! So don’t be afraid to assume your imperfections, your faults.