Mistrust within the couple: what to do when we do not trust the other?

At some point in our lives, all of us have a lot of fear. For this reason, when we share our life with someone, we are likely to pass on our love to them, but also our uncertainties from the past. Find out more about mistrust within the couple.

The fundamental basis of strong romantic relationships is a sense of mutual security.  Mutual trust is not always present within the couple. When this is the case, mistrust reigns. This is what we will cover here.

It is not easy for anyone to maintain a relationship that is characterized by a lack of trust … This applies to the person who is the object of mistrust as well as to the one who is suspicious.

Lack of confidence is a problem that affects many couples. This type of relationship usually leads to an unhappy breakup. However, it is possible to overcome this difficulty and we explain how.

Distrust within the couple: what are the causes?

We spend most of our time with the loved one … So why is there a certain mistrust within the couple?

The causes are numerous and depend on several factors. They are five in number and they are the following.

1. Infidelity

If one of the two members of the couple has been unfaithful, even though the couple has decided to overcome this event together, some untreated injuries can mark the couple forever.

When an act of treason has been committed, mistrust can set in forever.

2. Lack of self-confidence

A person who is insecure may subconsciously foster harmful thoughts that make them believe that they are not fully deserving of their partner’s love.

This feeling can manifest itself in the form of jealousy and can, of course, be harmful to the couple.

3. Monotony

Love goes through different phases. The first phase is that of passion. Passion wanes over time, and if the relationship isn’t nurtured, routine and lack of interest can set in for good.

The other can perceive this feeling and have the impression that love is dead, which feeds mistrust within the couple.

4. S**xual problems

S**x is fundamental in a romantic relationship. If there are problems in this area, it can be interpreted as a lack of desire.

For example, erectile dysfunction or s**xual impotence can be caused by stress and other factors. But the woman will tend to think that her partner does not want her or wants someone else.

5. Lack of commitment

If one of the two members of the couple is an immature person who shows a certain reluctance to commit, it can jeopardize a relationship and, of course, it fosters mistrust within the couple.

Mistrust within the couple: the consequences

If the couple does not react in time, the lack of trust within the couple can cause bigger problems until the relationship wears out.

The most serious consequences are:

  • bullying
  • lack of respect
  • aggressiveness
  • hostile atmosphere
  • emotional fatigue in the person experiencing the lack of confidence
  • depression in the person who lacks confidence
  • communication problems
  • breaking up

Mistrust within the couple: what to do?

It is essential to build trust within the couple if you want to have a stable and lasting relationship.

The first thing to do is to establish healthy communication. To do this, find the right time to discuss it with your spouse. Discuss the problem together so that the two of you can find solutions that work for both of you.

If some wounds from the past have not yet healed, it is important to work on forgiveness. Forgiveness that hides resentment and doubts is not true forgiveness.

It may be necessary to see a specialist in order to undergo professional therapy that helps you gain self-confidence.

The person who has trouble trusting may need to improve their self-esteem. It will, therefore, have to self-observe to understand the root of the problem in order to be able to remedy it. The support of your spouse is an essential parameter for a clear improvement.

Keep this in mind: mistrust within the couple is an obstacle to the good development of the relationship.

Commitment, trust, and sincerity are essential parameters to strengthen the union and overcome these types of difficulties. This will save you an unfortunate breakup.