My boyfriend always breaks up with me?

There are so many comments, that I think it’s worth a post to talk about: Does your boyfriend always break up with you?

You guys are fine for a month or a few, but he always finds some excuse, even if it’s silly, to break up and say it’s over. You have to walk on eggshells with fear of what he might think and what he’s going to do…

Your heart is always tight because, after all, you don’t know how to act to change this situation.

But let me tell you something, a man who breaks up when he wants to, goes a month without giving any news, and then appears as if nothing had happened, I have some considerations to make:

First: You gave in the first time, let’s assume that you had a fight at the beginning of the relationship for some reason, and he, to test you, decides to disappear to see if you go after him… and what happens? You go after him… So, that’s it, from then on he’ll end it whenever he wants.

Second: Because when he comes back, you give in very easily, say you love him, and go over whatever he did, after all, it’s really bad to see your boyfriend going to parties, or passing the ending of the week alone.

Third: The tactic that men use a lot is precisely this…it’s the tactic of disappearing so the dust settles…

And what happens? He says it’s over, that he either doesn’t deserve you or that you don’t understand him and only know how to complain, that you suffocate him, etc… and then he’s gone!

You really put yourself at fault, and you start apologizing, going after him, forgetting about all the things he did, and start acting like YOU were the one to blame for charging him with the lack of consideration he had with you. you.

Summary: You devalue yourself because you believe you deserve less, just to have a piece of man by your side… He, in turn, takes advantage of the fact that you’re there crawling, and goes to enjoy himself with friends … goes out to parties, and clubs, anyway, and enjoys life in general.

And look, I’ll say more, it’s enough that you do it ONCE, that your relationship can last 5, 10, 15 years, and he will always do that, for the slightest reason he has.

That’s why I talk so much about it, you have to value yourself, you have to be firm, you have to put yourself first, or you’ll be accepting things for the rest of your life, and you’ll only be able to take action after you’re exhausted, angry and your soul is screaming at you, from being beaten so much by life.

Now you know the answer, which is why your boyfriend keeps breaking up with you, right? And you also know why after a while he comes back… and why this cycle will continue if you don’t stop it, do you agree? So now it’s up to you!