My ex is dating – now what?

No matter how much time passes, we get upset when the ex has a new girlfriend. All feelings and insecurities are reawakened. Especially when the emotional bond is still strong after a long-term relationship. When the ex has a new relationship, all hope of reconciliation is destroyed. The new relationship undermines exclusivity for the past love, you feel replaced.

But how can you handle it? What do you do when you find out on WhatsApp, phone, or Facebook, or meet them in person?

Your  ex has a new girlfriend – this is how you will react to the news

It’s completely normal for you to react emotionally to the news that your ex has a new girlfriend. The spectrum ranges from paralysis to anger and deep sadness. But what if the ex personally brings the news that she has a new partner and is happy? This rarely happens face to face, but some men want their ex-partner to know they’ve been taken again before someone else does.

That’s why they resort to messaging and the phone. While well-intentioned, it can be oppressive. So how do you react when he confronts you with the fact that he has a new one?

1. What to do if the ex is now dating?

A written message is more impersonal than a phone call, but it gives you a chance to compose yourself before you answer. And you should definitely do this: don’t start writing! Especially when you were about to leave your ex. Take a deep breath and think about the first impression you want to make. There are three basic ways to react when your ex has a new girlfriend.

Just ignore the “ex has a new girlfriend” message

Did you break up with him in an argument and don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore? Then you can just ignore the message.

Respond politely but with reservation to the “ex has a new girlfriend” bomb

The anger may have subsided, but the news that his ex has a new partner and is happy hits him deeply. Be reserved but polite. Follow the rules of a respectful relationship, thanks for the message and I wish him all the best. This will prevent subconscious jealousy from developing after the breakup.

Be a good friend and congratulate him

Have you and your ex-partner decided to continue to have a good relationship, whether it’s because of mutual friends, kids, or mutual respect? Make sure you don’t let him know that you get hurt when your ex has a new girlfriend. Congratulate him and be a good friend.

2. How to deal when your ex has a new partner? the news by phone

If he calls you to tell you about his new beginnings after the breakup, it’s more personal but requires a spontaneous response. Get together briefly, and think about how you feel about him delivering this message to you. Then decide how you want to act when he has a new one. Ultimately, if the ex suddenly responds again, the reaction possibilities don’t differ significantly from a text message. Depending on how you talk to your ex, you can react from extremely dismissive to friendly. This is shown by the following three example reactions:

“Thanks for the information. I have to go on now…”

This reaction to the notification that the ex has a new girlfriend signals disinterest and quickly declares that the conversation is over.

“I’m very happy for you”

This shows that you’re friends with him, but also that you’re not really interested in a later conversation.

“I’m very happy for you. I wish you the best for your future. How are you?

In fact, you should only give this answer if you’ve said goodbye on good terms and want to remain friends.

3. Your ex has a new girlfriend: what to do if Facebook or friends reveal it?

If you know from others that your ex has reconnected, it can sometimes be even more difficult. Especially if you really had a good relationship with him. There are three strategies you can use to deal with the fact that he has a new one.

stay calm

Does the ex have a new girlfriend? Don’t show your friends or acquaintances that it hurts you, but emphasize that you are happy for them. Don’t talk about it too long and focus on your own life.

talk  to close friends

Talk to your closest friends about your feelings and trust them to help you get over your lack of love.

Blocking when the ex has a new girlfriend

Show that you’re hurt, that your ex has a new one. But block further discussions on the matter.

4.  Your ex has a partner: What’s the best way to behave when you meet him?

Not a good idea: the ex has a new girlfriend and you bump into her – on the street, while shopping, or at a party. If either case occurs, don’t be impressed. Most likely, you will not only feel uncomfortable with this situation. However, of course, you can subtly communicate your displeasure – just avoid drama and tears.

  • Prevention strategy:  He has a new girlfriend and is happy, and you want to save yourself from this vision? Then avoid a date as much as possible. If you noticed them first, move across the street, for example. If they are already in front of you, get off the case with a nod or “Hello” and move on.
  • Confrontation, very subtle:  he has a new girlfriend and he’s in love – you’re angry and you want him to feel it? So do it subtly. A dramatic scene rarely looks dignified. Ignore both. If he comes to you, react with monosyllables and end the conversation as quickly as possible.
  • Sympathy:  Is friendship with your ex important to you, even if your ex has a new one? Then meet them in a friendly way, and engage the new partner in the conversation.

Stay polite and neutral

The question “My ex has a new girlfriend, but how should I behave?” It worries many women who are faced with this fact after a breakup. There are no hard and fast rules on how you should react. Try to keep negative emotions to yourself. If you want to remain friends with him, you will have to accept the situation and try to be happy with him.

These three strategies show you how to deal with when your ex has a new girlfriend:

  1. Block and show your displeasure by ignoring it
  2. be polite and friendly
  3. Take advantage of your ex so you can be friends with him

Of course, it’s hard to deal with the fact that the ex has a new girlfriend. Still, you should try to look positively at your own future and focus on yourself. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a partner who is even better for you than your ex.