My guy is spending too much, what should I do?

Manage your spouse’s expenses

In a relationship, it is often difficult to manage finances. Everyone earns a living and spends their wages however they want. When two points of view are opposed, conflicts arise. What to do when her boyfriend is spending too much? Here are some answers.

How is the money spent?

Before getting angry about your spouse’s expenses, take the time to analyze them. Indeed, if your spouse makes a good living and manages to manage the needs of the couple or your family, you should not worry.

Some situations can bother you without being problematic! This is the case if your guy is not putting money aside but has logical priorities: rent, charges, food expenses, etc. From the moment he manages to financially support your household, he is entitled to spend his money as he sees fit.

Indeed, you cannot dispose of your spouse’s money. Do you want to save for a home? It’s a noble decision! But you cannot use the income of your better half to complete this project. After all, it’s his money.

Are abuse frequent?

It is normal to worry when the abuse escalates. If everyone has financial responsibilities and does not assume them and this impacts the financial health of the couple, the situation should be discussed. It’s a good idea to figure out monthly expenses, split them up fairly, and figure out what is left to spend next on anything personal.

Once again, vigilance is called for. Abuse should not be a source of conflict. We all have the right to be a spender on an ad hoc basis. On the other hand, if the situation repeats itself every month, that you have money problems, you have to react!

Individual and common goals

For the financial health of a couple to be good and especially for everyone to be happy, you have to set goals. There can be common goals and individual goals. For example, you can cover essential expenses together, have a common fund for your next vacation, and finally a budget dedicated to your personal expenses (activities, restaurants, shopping, etc.).


The best solution to solve financial problems is to talk to your spouse. Together you must define the responsibilities and expectations of each. All situations are different! Salaries may be unequal, in which case it does not make sense to halve all expenses.

Some decisions have to be made in pairs. This is the case if you want to buy a house or if one of you wants to stop working or start part-time to bring up the children or even carry out a personal project.

It is essential to analyze the situation well before discussing finance with your boyfriend. Weigh the pros and cons, and speak freely about your fears and future plans.