My man looks at other girls, what to do?

When we are together in the street or at a party, Darling can’t help but look at the other girls and we have a lot of trouble accepting him.

What exactly does this mean? That he’s trying to make us jealous? That he is looking for better elsewhere? That he test us to see our reaction?

We quickly made films and misinterpreted his behavior. So far, we have not flinched, for fear of being taken for the re-renting of service.

However, this situation makes us unhappy and we will have to remedy it! 

Why is he looking at the other girls?s

Several explanations for this. Either he tries to reassure himself by doing this because by seeing that we are not happy, that it affects us and that we react quickly, it inflates his ego. The more we show that it affects us, the more he feels valued, and the more he will be tempted to repeat the maneuver.

Another possibility. Still, with a view to boosting his ego, he looks at other women to verify that he can still seduce. It is selfish and inappropriate behavior, to be sure, but very human. Let’s face it: it happens that we watch the beautiful kids around without telling ourselves that we will one day take the plunge. Why?

Because we love our Darling, because we have built something with him that would be hard to find with another.

Well, we can be sure he thinks the same! It is not because he glances elsewhere that he will necessarily take action.

How to end this vicious circle?

If we’ve told him before that we hated his attitude but ignored our remark, there are only two solutions left.

The first is quite simply to no longer pay attention to one’s little game. It is always said that indifference is the greatest contempt, it’s true. It will annoy him that we do not care and he will quickly become attentive to us again, that we do not worry!

The second solution available to us: play your game! A little childish, of course, but it often turns out to be very effective. By returning the favor, that is, looking at other men in the street, it will pique his pride and he should stop on his own.

You can also make comments when watching girls. “Um, not bad this one I grant you, she has pretty legs, right?” Seeing us so detached is going to unsettle him, for sure. Such is taken who believed to take …