My partner talks a lot about his ex. What does it mean? Is it normal for him to have contact with his ex or is he still in love?

Without a doubt, one of the things that brings the most discomfort in a relationship is when a man or a boyfriend talks and has contact with his ex constantly.

It is somewhat worrying that my partner talks to me about his ex, and if he does almost always much more. This may be a sign that you may still have feelings or feelings for that person.

This creates a lot of mistrust and insecurity in the couple. However, if our partner ends up on good terms with an ex, it may be normal for there to be contact between them, but not much.

The reasons our partner brings up their ex can be quite visible. So then we will see why a man talks so much about his ex and how to know if my boyfriend is still in love with his ex.

What does it mean when a man talks about his ex?

To get rid of doubts, you should look at the behavior of your partner when he talks about that person if he gets excited or not. Depending on this we will be able to better identify if it is something that we have to be alarmed about or not. Why does my boyfriend or husband remember his ex?

-If a man talks to you about his ex, it’s because he may have broken up with her not long ago. In other words, his past relationship ended recently, so he brings it up very often.

-Because he still hasn’t forgotten his ex. And with sadness or astonishment, he constantly talks about her or him.

-It may be the ex who writes to him and he does not know how to put a stop to it or reject it, because he does not want to be rude. He wants to keep everyone happy so to speak.

-He may also want to test you, to see how you react and how jealous you are. He shows how with her eyes she stares at you while he talks about her.

-He talks about his ex to compare you with her.   And this can be in a good or bad way. She may tell you how delighted she feels by your side since in her past relationship they didn’t make her feel that way. Or on the other hand that her ex was better at some things than you. You must be aware of what type of comparison she uses, to know whether to continue or not.

-You may be considering the idea that if at any time you get into a fight, you will have a sentimental partner through your ex.

-Some men can’t stand that their love for their ex is being supplanted by someone else. This may make them angry, but you don’t necessarily have to feel anything more for her. This is why men talk about women; out of pure ego.

-They ended on good terms, so they created a friendship relationship in which there is nothing else involved.

-Another reason is that they have children in common, so they have to create a healthy relationship for their own good.

Is it normal for my boyfriend to have contact with his ex?

This can be normal, always depending on the situation in which he finds himself and the way in which he is in contact with his ex. If it is because of children or because they ended up on good terms, and have friends in common. There is no need to be alarmed precisely, rather you have to be aware of the signals they make.

Although you see that he spends much more time in contact with her than with you. And you feel distant and strange, the best thing will be to talk about it with great prudence and kindness so that it does not result in chaos.

How do I know if my partner is still in love with his ex?

Some of the most accurate and general signs that indicate that my boyfriend is still in love with his ex are below:

  • He still keeps things of her, like photos or some detail that reminds him.
  • He talks very constantly about her and how wonderful she was.
  • He maintains contact with her every day.
  • He has good contact with his relatives. In other words, he almost always visits them and goes to their dinners.
  • He still sees her from time to time.
  • She compares you to her in a bad way.
  • When talking about her, he sighs.