Never fall in love with a Leo

Do not fall in love with a Leo, because he will be attentive to the smallest detail. He will see all these little things that you will try to hide. He will watch you carefully and carefully. It will read in you like in an open book and will get to know you better than you know yourself.

Leo’s are used to turning heads. Their charisma and their allure mesmerize.

Leo’s Personality

Do not fall in love with a Leo, because it is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. They do as they please.

They are ambitious and domineering. They like to be at the center of the stage and need to know that they are appreciated by all. Leos, royal as they are, need to shine.

Sometimes a bit self-absorbed, they tend to believe that the world is theirs. With an oversized ego, they are no less loyal and generous. Indeed, they will not hesitate to cover their partner with gifts. Once in a relationship, they are faithful but tend to be a little cold.

Don’t fall in love with a Leo, because they take things too seriously. This is where you will understand how sensitive they can be. They will teach you to be careful about what you say and what you do.

Do not fall in love with a Leo, because they have a hard time keeping their feelings for them. But they have their hearts on their hands. They will love you completely and completely. But beware, if you hurt them, they will show their fangs.

Do not fall in love with a Leo, because he will teach you what the word “strength” really means. They are resistant and can bounce back. They will overcome all obstacles that arise on their way.

They will be able to remind you that, despite the difficulties, everything always ends up working out. They will be able to shine their light on you, even during your worst days. Like, true optimists, they sow the joy of living in their path.

Don’t fall in love with a Leo unless you’re ready to give in. Their presence transcends the crowds. Everyone is drawn to them. Everyone knows them.

How to Seduce a Leo

To seduce a Leo, you have to take out the big game. The Lion likes luxury and refined things. The rarer it is, the more it pleases him.

To seduce him, you have to put his eyes full, impress him. You will have to put on your 31, show grace and above all, elegance.

But beware, Leos are often difficult to define and more contradictory than they seem. So, certainly, flashy appointments will please him, but will not be enough to really arouse his interest.

Leos likes challenges … Pass him ointment then, go away! Force him to run after you and there, you will succeed in arousing his curiosity. The cat and mouse game does not please anyone as much as it pleases a Leo!

In short, you must know how to put yourself forward, but not too much. To please him, you must also be gentle, while showing a strong character. You have to blow the heat, then the cold.

Also note that under the duvet, Leo likes to change rhythm and tone. In short, they like various and varied things. To seduce him, be sometimes tender and sensual, then bestial and raw. Play with him and show him your different faces, he will purr with pleasure!

The ideal partner for Leo

Do not fall in love with a Leo, if you are an erased person. They need a partner who knows how to impose themselves and shows a strong personality.

Leos dreams of a partner who, like them, is distinguished and ambitious. So they need someone who is determined and who can also support them in what they do.

Their partner must also understand that their couple relationship is not necessarily the first of their priorities. So they need someone who can accept it and live with it.

Do not fall in love with a Leo, because they will never put love first. They are executioners of hearts. If you ask them more than they can give, they’ll quickly head out.

Do not fall in love with a Leo, because they are terribly demanding with their partner. They are looking for several women in one: a mother, a wife, a lover and a friend.

They need someone who listens to them, someone who helps them understand the incomprehensible. They need someone who can enlighten them in times of confusion.

Leo men need a funny, light and feminine woman (but don’t overdo it). This woman will also have to be patient, conciliatory and tolerant because Leos are often clumsy and find it difficult to express their feelings.

Do not fall in love with a Leo, because loving them is a complex task … But one that is definitely worth it.