One day you will meet someone with whom everything will seem natural to you

One day, you will meet someone with whom everything will seem natural to you. Your thoughts will no longer be upside down, your senses will no longer be alert and your heart will no longer be painful at the mere thought of your companion.

You will not have to spy on its pages on social networks or go in search of information about it. You will not have to spend endless time deciphering the least of his actions. You will not have to restrain yourself from speaking or muzzle your love, for fear of pushing it to run away. You won’t have to wait for the planets to finally line up or come when you can finally be together.

On the contrary, his intentions will be obvious. He will take any opportunity to show you the importance you have in his eyes, through the small thoughtful gestures that he will reserve for you. He will thirst for moments in your company and will find time for you. He will be ready to be with you, as if he has been looking for you throughout his life.

One day you will meet someone who will allow you to believe in love again.

You will fall in love when you least expect it. When your heart will be nothing but a shell emptied by all those who have hurt you. When the walls you have erected have become so thick that even the sun will no longer be able to penetrate them. When you have nothing left but your bruised soul, worn out from everything you’ve endured.

But despite everything you’ve been through, it will make love feel easy and natural. It will make you want to open your heart and trust it. It will make you want to jump forward and love it, as if you had never been hurt.

One day you will meet someone who will feel the same as you. He will not deceive you with grandiose lies and promises, but he will treat you with sincerity. It will not quietly reject what you share, but it will be serious. He will not despise the relationship he has with you and on the contrary, will proudly share it so that everyone will know.

And rather than loudly proclaiming that he cares about you and doing nothing afterwards, he will testify to you tenderly and every day, the depth of his feelings.

He will not promise you the world, he will give you a place in his.

You will not have the slightest doubt that he is the man of your life. There will be no uncertainty as to his feelings for you. There will be no doubt as to his intentions.

He will accept you as you are. He won’t care what you can give him. He will not want you to become someone you are not.

One day you will meet someone who will make you feel like you are finally yourself.

You can be yourself by being with him. You won’t have to convince him of how he should like you. You will not have to wait, in vain that he sees clearly in his feelings for you. You won’t have to be ashamed, as if you were her little secret.

In fact, everything will become simple. You can say what you have in mind and let your guard down. You can let go and get rid of all your fears and fears.

You will be able to say goodbye to all the old pains of your past and turn courageously towards the future which awaits you both.

One day, you will meet someone who will be perfect for you and who will remind you why all your previous relationships did not work.

He will show you that love is only tenderness and beauty – as you have always imagined it. He will love you – as you deserve.