Perfect ways to show your love

How to show your love? Discover our 20 beautiful ideas!
As you know, saying “I love you” isn’t the only way to show your love. Little attentions, surprises, compliments, acts of tenderness … are also important and will show the woman or man that you love that he / she is important in your life.
If you want to test new things, if you want to surprise him / her and see him / her smile, we have a nice list of several ways to show your love to a woman or a man.
And don’t forget one thing … showing your love is never a weakness! On the contrary, your relationship will be strengthened and you will be proud of your love!

– Kiss her often
– Send her romantic sms to simply tell her that you love her or that you think of her / him.
– Give him compliments
– Give him a hug every day
– Make plans together. For example, create a bucket list.
– Put small words of love in his bag, pocket or wallet.
– Make him surprises from time to time (his favorite dessert, wear a new outfit, kidnap him / her for a weekend).
– Join him / her in the shower
– Start each new day with a nice note or a “I love you”
– Respect him / her and defend him / her on a daily basis
– Kiss him / her to say good night
– Tell him how you feel. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings.
– Write him a love letter
– Always plan a small gift or a little attention for your meeting anniversary, wedding, for Valentine’s Day, his birthday …
– Send him a song that you love and that makes you think of her / him
– Always be honest
– Bring her breakfast to literature
– Give her a little gift for no reason.
– Recognize his efforts