Powerful strategy to make a man contact you on WhatsApp

The first thing is that you do not despair! Here I bring you some tricks so that I write to you on WhatsApp and that those conversations flow without much effort.

How to make a man write to you on WhatsApp? Do the following:

1. Manipulate your mind to eliminate the need to message him

It is one of the most difficult things to do, but I assure you that once you let go of the need to receive a WhatsApp or text message from him, things will start to flow a little more.

At first, it will be difficult for you so you should try to occupy your mind with other things so that you are not waiting on the phone waiting for a message from him.

2. Give him a reason to write to you on WhatsApp

Why would I write to you? Think of all the reasons he has for writing to you, aside from whether you think he likes you. If he usually sees you doing things online and is looking to talk to you, keep it up!

Posting things that you are sure are of interest to him is a good reason for him to write to you. Find out what his likes and interests are and try to find common ground so that you let him know through posts or conversations you have with him.

The point here is that he takes an interest in what you post and seeks to start the conversation on WhatsApp.

3. Find out if he actually sends a lot of messages on WhatsApp or prefers another medium

This is important, as some men don’t like texting or spending hours with WhatsApp open. There are men who prefer to speak in person or even have conversations on the phone.

You can tell if he is not the type to send text messages, if the conversations they have are short, or if he is not the one who wants to start the conversation. He may write to please you, but not because he likes it.

If he’s one of those who doesn’t like to write, you can’t do much about it. You can tell them that when they have free time to write to you or tell them that you like them when they chat on WhatsApp.

4. Tell him that you need to ask him something and to write you when he has free time

It may sound annoying to have to tell him to write to you later but just do it. Tell him to write to you when he has free time because you need to ask him something. When you do, he will sit down to think about what is happening and write to you at once.

It is an excellent tactic that always works since the anxiety to know what you are going to ask is always great and will end up writing you. The bad thing is that you really have to ask him something, even if it is some nonsense.

5. Spend time with him, do not have a virtual relationship only

Think for a moment: what is it that makes a man want to always talk to a woman? The answer is simple: When he likes her, and the more fun he has with her, the more he wants to share with her.

When you are together, spend as much time as possible: talk, laugh, and have fun; so when you leave his side he will start to miss you and will seek to converse with you. I assure you that before you get home you will have a WhatsApp message from him waiting for you.

6. Meet up with his friends

Assuming that you already know him and that you are dating him, it is very common nowadays for men to have a few first meetings with their friends and with you to see if you fit in their group.

If you manage to fit in, it is very likely that he will write to you to continue dating altogether.

7. Make him remember you

Every time you are with him, make him have unique and unforgettable moments. If he remembers you, he will write you a message.

Try doing unique things that are yours (very own) when you are with him, so when you are not together he will miss those things that make you be you and he will write to you to feel less absent.

8. Tell him to text you

It is obvious, but men are not fortune-tellers. If you want him to text you, you can tell him to do so. Also, if you’re dating him and he writes little to you or he doesn’t text if you don’t do it first, ask him what’s wrong; you probably don’t realize what you are doing.

You can also tell him that you would like him to text you first from time to time, that you don’t mind doing so, but that you don’t know when he is busy to assist you or if it is a good time when you text him.

9. Stop texting him first!

Another difficult thing to do, but is that you have to give yourself your position. If you want him to text you on WhatsApp, you have to make him feel your absence so that he will miss you and text you.

If you are in the middle of a conversation, it is an excellent opportunity for you to leave the chat and he will be left wanting to continue talking. Tell them that you just got busy with something important, but that you can continue talking after a certain hour. So you can keep their desire to talk alive.

10. Don’t just write “Hello!”

I know it is a way of getting their attention, but it is by far one of the laziest and most incorrect ways to do it since you are not giving them a reason to respond to you.

You can write “Hi, how are you? How was your day?” and with this :

1. You let him know that you are thinking about him

2. You give him something to respond to.

Remember that the main purpose of messages is to start a conversation, so keep the goal in mind.

Are you looking to make plans with him for tonight? Just want to catch up? Have a more honest conversation? Keep that goal in mind when you start the conversation.

11. Text him when you are calm

When you text a man on WhatsApp, do it calmly and with a positive state of mind. This is something you can’t fake because when you write to him angry or worried, he will notice.

It is scientifically proven that men are attracted to positive, peaceful, and happy women; so if you are, it is very likely that he wants to respond to the messages you send them.

12. Send him messages that make him feel good

When you write to him on WhatsApp, send him messages that make him feel good.

For example, if you send him an interesting message, I dare tell you that 99% of men will be delighted to receive this type of text. You can try telling him some fantasy that you want to experiment with him, something he did (or said) that turned you on, or a sensual photo of you.

By this I am not saying that men only respond to interesting messages; Although this is true that it works, it is not the only thing. It can be a normal message, but it has words that make it feel special.

By diverting your attention from giving him something instead of waiting for him to give you something (in this case, to write to you on WhatsApp), you not only seek to get to know him better, but you also take the pressure off him that he always has to act for you.

13. Use Emojis without exaggeration

Just as texting has evolved, so have emojis and it’s not just for young people anymore. Using emojis sparingly in conversation can better express your feelings.

Of course, use emojis in moderation and, if you see that he does not send you a single emoji, do not do it either.

14. Accept that he may not be for you

It’s hard to accept it, but men who never write to you first or are slow to reply may be like that for these reasons: they are dumb, they are not writers, or they are simply not interested in you.

If you have determined that he is not stupid and it is not because he is a person who does not like to send messages on WhatsApp, it is because he is not interested in you.

You must accept this and stop sending him messages. Perhaps by doing so, he will start to miss you and will write you a message first; however, he may also not be very interested in you and you will never hear from him again.