Questions to ask as a couple: 7 important questions

Often, after a few years, or even a few months, you feel like you know your darling by heart! But what is certain is that you will always have something new to learn about it! And vice versa for him … We already don’t have enough of a lifetime to get to know each other, so get to know our sweetheart … So here are 7 questions for you to ask as a couple today! Most of these seemingly trivial questions will allow you to discover character traits and behaviors hitherto unsuspected !!

1 / Question to ask as a couple: What is their version of the story of your meeting?

Everyone experiences things differently! Even if you experienced the same thing at the same time in the same place, his perception of things can frankly be far from yours! So ask him to describe your meeting from his point of view. His feelings, his feelings, his opinion, etc … Perhaps you will rediscover your meeting under a whole new aspect!

2 / What is his conception of a perfect day?

Ask your darling how his ideal day would go! You might be surprised! The answers can be varied … Whether he wants to spend the day on a sofa facing a series, or in the mountains on a hike, a thousand leagues from any resident, or even at the beach under a beautiful sun … You could learn a lot! In addition, if his perfect day is still possible, surprise him a few weeks later by organizing it! He will be delighted!

3 / What is the thing he is most proud of?

Most people don’t spontaneously put themselves forward. Force your darling to do it! To boost your ego and see how different your conception of pride can be from your own. It can be a sporting achievement carried out recently or not, or simply the fact of having helped one day an elderly person to cross, or to have been part of an association helping the homeless, etc … This is a chance to learn more about him and his strong and/or courageous and/or generous side.

4 / Question to ask as a couple: Would he like to know what the future will be like?

Or would he prefer to ignore what might happen there? And if he wanted to know, what would he want to know about the future? An ideal question to find out more about his priorities, desires, dreams and/or apprehensions! Will he be interested in the fate of the world? Of your couple? From his family? Or is it just his fate?

5 / What he likes most about you

Surely your darling compliments you regularly, but do you know the reason why he loves you? Dare to ask him what he likes most about you and open your ears wide! Then, in turn, tell him what attracts you the most to him, story that you do not let him alone give you compliments … He too has the right to know what you value above all in him

6 / What he most regrets

Or what he feels most guilty about… Often people don’t like to talk about this sort of thing, which is why you probably don’t know the answer to this question! Now is the time for you to find out what keeps him awake at night. Obviously, if you feel that this is too heavy a subject for him, badly healed, do not demand an answer at all costs! Some things take longer than others …

7 / Question to ask as a couple: What worries him the most

Ask him! What is it? His career? The health of his parents? The possible end of your relationship? His financial situation? You might be surprised how your conversation will turn! Discovering the most secret, intimate fears of the other will allow us to better understand some of their reactions, and to communicate more easily in the future.