Relationship life: here’s how to break the routine

After several years alongside your other half, a routine has set in… But what can be done to find yourself as on the first day? Change environment, seduce yourselves again, etc. so many infallible tips that will allow you to win back your partner … Bringing something new is often the number 1 tip to rekindle the flame in your relationship, but that is not always enough … Discover 5 tips to rekindle the flame in your relationship.


1. Take time for each other

Stay with him/her, even if only one evening a week. This will facilitate dialogue and exchanges between you. Movie night, one-to-one meal… Do not hesitate to offer him a couple of activities, it will bring you together.  Is he/she not at home? Tell him/her about your need to find yourself, to be with him/her. Don’t isolate yourself.

2. Change the environment

Your outings have become a perpetual and repetitive cycle? Do you no longer want to leave your home? Change the environment and bring renewal to your relationship. Propose a couple of outings that shakes up your routine. Go out dancing or see a show, treat yourself to an unusual romantic weekend… These moments will strengthen your bond!

3. Bring novelty and spice

Think you know everything about each other? What if you surprise him/her? Makeover, a gesture of affection, surprise gifts, change of habit… what better way than to bring something new to your couple to revitalize them? Do not hesitate to share your wildest fantasies to make your imagination work and thus spice up your antics under the duvet!

4. Don’t neglect seduction

The attraction of the first days continues. Take charge and exchange kisses every day, simple little daily gestures can sometimes change everything. Make yourself beautiful for him/her, you will arouse attraction again. You have managed to seduce him for the first time, you will seduce him/her as many times as you want!

5. Keep your garden a secret

When we live together, we sometimes tend to share everything until nothing is hiding. But where is the mystery of the first days? Be careful that your complicity does not turn against you. By wanting to be too close, we sometimes break the mystery that animated the flame. Keep your garden a secret to continue to intrigue the other.