Relationship stress: Can “we” as a couple still be saved?

Relationship stress happens in every partnership. At most, in the pink phase of the first crush, everything seems carefree, trouble-free, and unique. But this is the crucial point: you wake up from dreams! Small frictions or disagreements are completely normal.

But there are warning signs you shouldn’t ignore before anger becomes harmful to your relationship. We show you anti-stress relationship tips to successfully master situations in the short and long term.

Do you have relationship stress? That’s how you know it!

A summer storm provides fresh air in retrospect. It’s problematic when the weather is permanently gray and gloomy in a relationship when suddenly only storms and sunshine are clearly in the minority. Check your partner for the following eight symptoms of relationship stress – whether you’ve been together for six months or 20 years.

Lack of attention

Did your partner forget their birthday again? Is he no longer interested in how things are going for you at work? Does it no longer turn on when it is repeatedly late due to traffic jams? What is love like when attention and consideration are lacking? Relationship stress knocks hard on the door.

Lack of respect

In first crush, each other’s tic seems acceptable. When a relationship crisis arises, the perception shifts and becomes “the stupidest thing in the world”.

Caution: risk of explosion!

One wrong word and the partner gets angry? If you just argue or in a fight of words exceed the decibel value of a jet taking off, this is a sign of lack of appreciation. But how can one love deeply if one is deserved in low esteem?

No time for each other

A clear indication of relationship stress: You almost never share common hobbies and activities—or lack interest in them. If one partner prefers to meet up with their own friends, or if they both just act in cabin groups with others, some things aren’t quite right.

the great silence

Miscommunication is worse than an argument! You must be able to talk about everything – and want to. Does a partner withdraw, just react evasively and with irrelevant statements? Does he show no reaction and remain silent? Sure signs of incipient stress in the partnership!

Relationship stress because there is no fun

Humor is absolutely essential to a relationship! If people stop laughing together, that’s not a good sign. Worse still: when the dark varieties of mood predominate. Enough casual fun, just sarcastic taunts or cynical word attacks?

Too much space or too little

Jealousy is always the cause of arguments. Low self-esteem is often the culprit. Controlling your partner should be taboo! But it’s also a bad sign when you don’t care about everything the other person does. This should not be equated with freedom, but with indifference.

This is  how you can deal with relationship stress

“Words are silver, silence is gold.” But not when there is a crisis. So communication is everything and the end of everything, but that doesn’t mean just talking. You can also show attention with your lips and hands!

Tips to get rid of relationship stress once and for all

  1. Communication

You don’t need to do therapy for 20 sessions right away. Speak openly that you want to express yourself. Especially. Your questions, your worries, about what bothers you about each other. Be respectful, don’t talk loudly, and avoid reprimands. Let the other finish. React with understanding, objectivity – and empathy!

  1. Do little things for your partner

Don’t you want to let short-term relationship stress arise? give flowers. Compliment your wife. As simple as that, for no special reason. Cook your partner’s favorite dish. Surprise each other with tickets to a concert by their favorite singer. Invite him on a movie date with your favorite action hero. Remember your partner’s preferences, rediscover your attention for the other, and give him a positive surprise.

  1. Create a stress-free space

Find time for each other. No distraction and that includes friends, relatives, or kids! Organize weekly activities for two. Become exclusive to each other again to avoid arguments.

Long-term strategy against disputes

  1. the art of compromise

She likes city trips, does he like vacations in the south? Split holiday travel so everyone has a chance: Easter is a long weekend in London, and summer a week at the beach in Croatia. Commitment is the key to happiness.

  1. make plans together

Does the living room need to be painted urgently? Do you need a new car? Turn all projects into joint events to deal with relationship stress. I’m happy to warn you in advance: you can plan your fall-summer vacation not just because of the early bird discount. This arouses mutual expectations.

  1. Talk Talk talk!

Open communication reduces stress in relationships. Talking about everything does not mean avoiding disagreements, but rather: talking BEFORE persistent dissatisfaction arises. Honest communication prevents long-term relationship problems.

Conclusion: Overcoming Relationship Stress Through Appreciation

Occasionally, small arguments are unavoidable in a relationship. However, there should be no loss of attention, respect, communication, common preferences, or physical closeness. How do you manage this in day-to-day relationships? Show your partner over and over that he is important to you, your “greatest treasure”, your most valuable asset.