Revealing the True Colors: 5 Tests to Unmask a Narcissist, as Per Experts

Navigating relationships can be a complex and challenging journey. However, when dealing with a narcissistic individual, the difficulties can be amplified. Narcissists are known for their manipulative and self-centered behavior, often leaving their partners feeling confused, hurt, and emotionally drained. Unmasking a narcissist early on is crucial to protect your emotional well-being and maintain healthy relationships. In this blog post, we will explore five tests recommended by experts to help you reveal the true colors of a narcissist.

Test 1: The Empathy Test

Narcissists are notorious for their inability to empathize with others. They often lack the emotional capacity to understand and share in the feelings of those around them. To conduct the empathy test, share a personal story or express your feelings to the person in question. Observe their response carefully. A narcissist may dismiss your emotions, change the subject, or show a complete lack of interest. On the other hand, someone who genuinely cares will offer support, validate your feelings, and show empathy.

Test 2: The Gaslighting Test

Gaslighting is a classic tactic used by narcissists to manipulate and control their partners. Gaslighting involves making the victim question their own reality, memories, and perceptions. To perform the gaslighting test, pay attention to inconsistencies in the narcissist’s words and actions. If they frequently deny or twist facts, blame you for their mistakes, or make you feel like you’re constantly wrong, it may be a red flag. Trust your intuition and seek support from trusted friends or professionals if you suspect gaslighting.

Test 3: The Constant Criticism Test

Narcissists often thrive on belittling and criticizing others to boost their own sense of superiority. They may constantly criticize your appearance, abilities, or choices, leaving you feeling inadequate and insecure. To conduct the constant criticism test, pay attention to the way the person communicates with you. If they frequently insult or demean you, ignore your accomplishments, or make you feel like you can never measure up, it’s time to reassess the relationship. Remember, healthy relationships are built on mutual respect and support.

Test 4: The Manipulative Behavior Test

Manipulative behavior is a hallmark of narcissistic individuals. They use manipulation tactics to control and dominate their partners. Watch out for signs of manipulation, such as guilt-tripping, playing the victim, or using emotional blackmail. If you find yourself constantly giving in to their demands, feeling coerced into doing things you’re uncomfortable with, or feeling like you’re walking on eggshells around them, it’s essential to address these patterns. Healthy relationships should be based on trust, communication, and respect, not manipulation.

Test 5: The Boundaries Test

Narcissists often have difficulty respecting personal boundaries. They may invade your privacy, disregard your need for personal space, or make decisions without consulting you. To perform the boundaries test, establish clear boundaries and observe how the person responds. A narcissist may react with anger, defiance, or a complete disregard for your boundaries. Conversely, someone who respects your boundaries will make an effort to understand and honor them. Remember, boundaries are essential for maintaining healthy relationships.


Identifying a narcissist early on is crucial for protecting your emotional well-being and maintaining healthy relationships. By conducting these five tests recommended by experts, you can unmask the true colors of a narcissist. Remember, it’s important to trust your instincts, seek support from trusted friends or professionals, and prioritize your own well-being. Surround yourself with people who uplift and validate you, and don’t hesitate to distance yourself from toxic relationships. With knowledge and awareness, you can navigate relationships with confidence and build a happier, healthier future.