romantic and lovely ideas for couples

To spice up your love life a little, here is a list of many romantic or romantic ideas, acts and actions to carry out with or for your partner. Among the categories: everyday, going out, offering, sealing your love and finally surprising your other half.
The purpose of this page is that as we go along we can list a maximum of love ideas and actions.
In addition this page is in a way a summary of our site!
We are also counting on you to submit romantic ideas to us that we can add to our list!


– Text or email your lover to let them know how much you love them. This will surely make him very happy, especially if he / she is at work or away from you.
– Take a shower from time to time together
– Even if you stay at home, dress in class for the evening meal
– Show your love with little attentions every day: go get it out of the bus, prepare its dish favorite, rent his favorite movie, …

Go out

– Go to a SPA and enjoy a massage for two
– Go to the cinema to see an old romantic film in black and white (there are many cinemas, especially in the big cities which broadcast retrospectives of films).
– Improvise a picnic with toast from a caterer and champagne
– Plan a weekend in a romantic city (Bruges, Venice, Prague, …)
– Rent a beautiful convertible car to go for a drive in the countryside during the ‘an afternoon
– Offer him an unusual and memorable weekend:

To offer

– A personalized jewel in the shape of a map of France with a small diamond pointer symbolizing the place of your meeting, of your wedding:
– Offer him a small gift … without reason, just for the pleasure of giving !
– Have him deliver flowers or chocolates at work or at his home ( , , …) – Offer your half a CD with all his songs favorites or songs that have marked your life as a couple (first date, the hit of your first summer, …)
– Give her a personalized gift with her name, date of your meeting, his nickname … Some examples of online shops: , , , etc …
– Have him deliver a heart-shaped balloon inflated with Hellium:

Seal your love

– Both of you plant a shrub in a place you particularly like. It will symbolize your love and you can for example make a pilgrimage from time to time to see how your tree has grown
– Write your initials on the bark of a tree … what could be more romantic!
– Create a memory box in which you can keep precious common memories

Surprise him/her

– Organize him a surprise candlelight dinner or cook his favorite dish
– Take a romantic bath or prepare a surprise bath for your darling with the soft music and massage program.
– Write little love words in the house from time to time: on the mirror (with lipstick, on the fridge, on the breakfast table.
– Surprise him with lunch with him / her on her place of work
– Organize a meeting in a surprise place Organize a treasure hunt that will guide her to you with different clues that she / he will find along the route.