In this age of internet, emails, and text messages, it is not always easy to maintain a romantic correspondence with your partner. However, a pretty card or a well-written love letter will have more effect than a simple SMS or Facebook message. It is important in a couple to keep the flame alive, to continue to surprise each other, and to please the other.

It goes through all kinds of small attentions and expressions of affection on a daily basis, the most important of all being certainly to continue to say “I love you”. Knowing how to tell others about your feelings is the key to a fulfilling relationship.

It is often easier to express your feelings in writing, you can indulge yourself more easily than orally, quite simply because you have not been loved in front of you.

However, it is not necessarily easy for everyone to write a love poem or a love letter: we lack inspiration, we are afraid of being ridiculous.

This is why to write the romantic text or the sweet word that one intends to his other half, one can use quotes or love poems from writers and famous people.

For example, you can write a pretty love quote on a post-it and stick this post-it on the fridge: this little love message will give your partner a good start to the day and will be much more original than a simple one. SMS!

Where to find all these famous poems and quotes on the subject of love? On the “Love quotes” page of the bonnyprints site (online card and share site), you have access to a nice selection of romantic poems, proverbs, and other quotes that can help you write your words of love.

You are free to copy one of the texts in full or simply take inspiration from it to write your own romantic poem.

A nice quote can also serve as the perfect introduction. Who would not like to receive a love letter beginning for example with: “To love is to surpass yourself”, Oscar Wilde? Receiving a pretty personalized card from the love of his life, isn’t that the best gift?

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Whether for a wedding, a birth or a birthday, there really are cards for all occasions and for all tastes. After all, it is important to tell people that you love them, and doing so in writing allows you to keep track of it: so that the support is nice!