Save your couple from the sinking

The cruise had started well: the captain was covering you with flowers, inviting you to the restaurant, showing you around.

Everything was going well. Quickly, your best friend warned you, out of benevolence towards you of course: “It’s always like that at the start, you’ll see in a few months!” You will remember what I told you! ”

Naively, you thought of avoiding the drift of your couple … and yet.

Words of love have given way to incessant reproaches, moments of tenderness to moments of distress. Unquestionably, the ship is taking on water!

Do not wait any longer, it is high time to act! Here are some keys to overcome the storm, regain calm, and save your couple.

Tip number one: consult the crew!

You are going through a difficult time and it is time to call on your best friend.

A useful outside look to help you deal with disturbances. The role of this friend, it is important to clarify, is not to make the decision for you but simply to help you see more clearly.

An exchange of this type will also allow you to put the situation into perspective.

Tip number two: navigate in calm waters!

Avoid discussions prone to conflicts, prefer peaceful and courteous exchanges.

A difficult but necessary exercise if you really want your rescue operation to be successful. Do not try to get answers from the commander to your many questions, he is not prepared to answer them yet.

Tip number three: organize a romantic stopover!

It is often beneficial to change the air during a crisis.

Leave the daily routine for a weekend or more may be the solution. Choose the destination together and enjoy every moment.

Discover unknown landscapes, taste the local specialties; in short, take advantage of this change of scenery to get off on the right foot!

Tip number four: temporarily leave the ship!

This is only to be applied if the previous three tips fail. The commander used to meet you on deck, change that!

No longer seeing yourself at the corner of the passageways can only cause him some anxiety and, in the more or less long term, the desire to contact you. A beautiful illustration of the adage: “Flee me I am you, follow me I am fleeing you!” ”

If despite all your efforts the ship takes on water from all sides, do not hesitate to consult a marriage counselor, a decision to be taken jointly of course.