She canceled the date – How should I react?

You’ve probably experienced something very similar: you’re in front of the mirror and you’re styling yourself because you’re about to meet that beautiful woman you’ve recently met. Suddenly, her cell phone vibrates because she texted you. Upon reading the message comes the shock: She canceled her date!

Now it’s time to stay calm and think carefully about what to do. In this article, you will learn how to say why she really canceled your date. In addition, we will explain how you should react to such a problem and perhaps the long-awaited meeting will take place.

Find out why: why did she cancel the date?

First of all, it is important to recognize why the date fell into the water. Has the woman really had an unforeseen event or is she just not interested anymore and is looking for a lazy excuse? If you know (or at least suspect) the reason for the sudden cancellation, then you can continue to think about what to do next.

Why do some women lie when they are no longer interested?

It’s an open secret that women are highly emotional beings. Their moods sometimes fluctuate more violently than a boat on the high seas. What was exciting one moment can be the most boring thing in the world the next. A little lie is obviously easier here than possibly offending the man with the harsh truth.

In order for her to be attentive, it is important to maintain the tension between the first date and the date. This is the only way to stay interesting for her and prevent her from canceling your long-awaited date.

Our 3 tips to keep them interesting:

  • Send him messages with something funny in the middle, or report exciting activities you’re currently experiencing. That’s how she sees that you have a fulfilling life.
  • Don’t write too many messages every day! Those who write too quickly become uninteresting.
  • Don’t respond too quickly: wait a bit before answering her questions after she writes to you. Men who seem to spend all day on their cell phones don’t seem particularly attractive.

Of course, we can’t guarantee that she won’t cancel the date. That said, you can avoid some common mistakes that many men make when they get hooked.

The “Best” Excuses Why She Doesn’t Have Time

Some insincere women are very creative in making up hair-raising excuses when they lose interest and don’t want to go on a date anymore. Men hear and read more or less adventurous things like:

  • She has a cold or some other illness.
  • She’s up to her neck in work, has to study for her math test, etc.
  • Your car won’t start and needs to go to the garage.
  • Your dog ate the bus ticket.
  • Your best friend is sick and needs to be nursed back to health.
  • Your turtle needs to see a veterinarian urgently.
  • She has migraines.
  • And so on.

If she comes up with an absurd explanation, of course, you should pay attention. But what about plausible reasons, like too much work or illness? Here too, it could be that she is no longer interested in you – for example if she no longer responds after rejection and does not show any initiative.

Signs of Honestly Reasoned Refusals

But beware of hasty suspicions. A healthy mistrust is appropriate, but of course, it’s also possible that something really serious runs against it. In such cases, you should give love another chance and not immediately throw in the towel.

Most importantly, accept her rejection and amicably ask her why if she hasn’t mentioned it on her own initiative. Do you feel that she is genuinely sorry? Sound sincere? These are signs that she really wants to meet you but can’t. Her behavior also provides important clues. If she suggests a new appointment and contacts you on her own, chances are good that you’ll keep running with her.

How do you react when she canceled the date?

Whether it’s the famous migraine or the friend who suddenly has to be picked up at the airport: if you notice that she’s telling you a big lie, she’s probably lost interest or wants to make you her backup plan. looks different! Here you better end the contact and look for other women.

Perhaps she really does not have her head free to meet a man, for example, because she is sick or up to her neck in final exams for the university. Can she make it plausibly believable why can’t she find herself now? Then give her a few days or a week – depending on how big the problem is. So you suggest a new date for her.

But your patience should not be endless. If she doesn’t have time next week and the week after that, she’ll play a game with you and try to keep you warm. The rule of thumb for her behavior is: after the third rejection, you’re the one who ends the ghost and says goodbye.

When the next date finally arrives…

Did she accept and show up at the agreed meeting point on the second or third try? Congratulations! In order for flirting to work now, you will find interesting topics for conversation and questions that you can ask her on a date. Above all, stay confident now – even a rocky start can turn into great love.

If you have any questions about this or need help with flirting, our coaches are happy to help and advise you.