She told him without hesitation, I did not run out of love, but patience did

For her it was very simple to be sure of her love and she gave it all without conditions. Perhaps that was his mistake to now say, I did not run out of love, but patience. Because it no longer made sense to fight for a love that only disappointed her over and over again.

She loved him unconditionally, but he showed no signs of being a man in love. She insisted so much, I waited so long and that moment came when she said to herself, I can’t take it anymore. I no longer want to continue fighting, nothing encourages me anymore.

When that moment comes when love loses its meaning, we no longer expect anything from anyone. We don’t even get our hopes up anymore. We realize that there is nothing to do and patience is over.

Step aside and fight for your own love

If your patience is over, if you feel tired of waiting for him to have time for you, then accept. Yes, accept that you have no more to do. You ran out of patience but not a pure feeling for yourself.

Take a step aside and go on with your life. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do to feel happy and satisfied with yourself. Because when a man is in love he looks for you.

If that man says he loves you but does not show signs, and you are tired, there is nothing more to do. I did not run out of love, but patience did.

The signs of a man in love are felt. They are not just words. When there are positive feelings, everything is possible, but if he does not put his love, it is not part of your game.

Love can resist anything. There are many stories to prove it. When there is love from both parties, the distance, the impossible and the problems do not matter. Love always triumphs.

Love is a feeling that transforms and transcends. It is a feeling that never tires and is resistant. Love never betrays, it is full of passion and it is always full of happiness.

If you love him and he does nothing to reciprocate and give you your place in his life, step aside. If there are no signs of a man in love, step aside and get on with your life.

I did not run out of love, but patience did

When a woman says that she loves and gives everything, she is telling the truth. When you feel that the love of your life is that person, you think about it, you do everything and you don’t regret it. Feeling the love of your life transforms you.

As long as a woman harbors a positive feeling, the distance does not matter. He does not get tired, he loves everything, even his flaws, but everything has a limit.

When a woman gives everything and is not reciprocated in equal measure, she gets tired. She has persisted long enough with patience, tears and hope, but her patience is no longer enough.

Pure and loving feelings do not end, only patience is over. Thanks to this experience, she has understood that her first love is herself. No one can make her happy like herself.

He got tired of giving her his best kisses. He got tired of begging him to reciprocate. He no longer supports his lost gaze, his fake smile and his forced caress.

She realized that she is not the love of her life as she initially believed. You never showed him any signs of being a man in love, you were just pretending.

I must admit that I wasted my time with you but …


By your side I learned to love myself because you were never by my side enough. I loved you so much and I put my life at your feet so that you could do whatever you wanted. I loved you so much, I cried for you and that was so cruel.

I did a thousand crazy things for you, thinking you were the love of my life. I had so much hope that you would love me. I gave you my best and nothing worked, I even forgot about myself.

Forgetting about me and seeing no signs that you loved me was the beginning of my love for myself. It was wonderful to feel the control of a love that was always with me.

When I realized that the love of my life was myself it was wonderful. I am fascinated to have all the control over that love. My God how could I have been so blind.

That’s when I felt my patience run out. I even thought about sharing this new love with you, but no. I’m leaving, I give up, I give up on you.

I leave you with your pride of believing yourself indispensable. I’m going to love myself, I’m going to do those things that I love and that seemed silly to you. I leave you alone with your ego.