Should You Delete Your Ex from Facebook?

All your friends tell you: “delete your ex from Facebook, you will not forget it otherwise!” ” Remove it, block it from all social networks, it seems a wise choice!

Because if not, how can we grieve? How do you move on when you can so easily spy on your life online?

Yes, but you are not so sure that you want to move on. And in this case, indeed, social networks can be an unstoppable weapon. Yes, to recover your ex, Facebook can be your # 1 asset.

Let’s see the pros and cons of keeping your ex as a friend on Facebook. And to be original, let’s start with the cons.

The cons

Yes okay, we’re not going to deny it, keeping your ex on social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, it’s a double-edged sword. Because it can hurt, very hurt.

First, you keep yourself in a certain obsessive state. Like a drug addict, you take your “shoot” of the other by stalking his social networks. It’s easy, invisible and rest assured, everyone does it.

But the problem is that in this way you are depriving yourself of the possibility of “weaning yourself” and moving on to something else, which basically is perhaps the simplest solution.

You keep the illusion of maintaining a link with your ex, who perhaps no longer exists …

But there are solutions…

However, most networks, including Facebook now have features to overcome the inconvenience of a breakup. You can choose not to see your ex’s news feed to avoid spying on him (without his knowledge or not).

So the benefit is double. You keep it in your friends’ list, no final decision you may regret. And you avoid feeding obsession, which is an essential step to get out of emotional dependence. And as we have already seen in a previous article, emotional dependence is what kills your reconquest!

And why get there?

Beyond the simple question of reparation after the breakup, it is the whole perception of what a relationship should be that is at stake.

Your ex, you loved him, you shared things with him … Should he be wiped off entirely from your life? Whether or not you want to recover it, the question arises.

In an era where everyone invokes the word “next” all the time, should we hide a person and the period of life he represents?

Do you never get anything out of a relationship? For my part, even the least fulfilling have brought me something.

We always choose a person who will fill a certain need at a certain time of life and it is rare not to have learned things about yourself on this occasion. Or lessons about others, human relationships, which will be a lesson in future relationships.

So even if you are angry after a breakup, it is better to keep your memories (photos, messages …) in a small safe (digital!) Than to get rid of them permanently. Because by denying a person and the story you shared, you are also denying a part of yourself.

Besides, if you feel a lot of bitterness, I suggest that you make a list of everything that your ex and the relationship you have had for you. It is truly a calming exercise in a context of tension.

It will allow you to move forward more serenely. Or to formalize the good reasons which push you to launch a reconquest!

For the!

The reconquest! Here we are! Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram… it’s the best way to get your messages across! You will transform yourself into an impresario and responsible for communicating your transformation…

Indeed, if to recover your ex, you must act on yourself to be on top , you need a channel to broadcast your messages. And your new well-being, you will disseminate it on social networks, to make it visible to the greatest number and above all… To your ex.

You are going to tell me, isn’t it a bit of a lie when you are in tears 3 days a week because of the breakup? Well … Yes, but Facebook is just a lie! Everyone orchestrates their publications to make people believe in a dream life so … You too!

Step 1: display your dream body

You went back to the sport and it shows! So make your ex drool with envy by posting photos of your shapely legs and flat stomach.

Don’t forget the new haircut, perfect makeup

Step 2: your lifestyle is exciting

And you meet a lot of people! Women … and men …

The question of jealousy in the reconquest is very delicate. It is not very elegant. I’m not talking to you about going to kiss the first man to make a new boyfriend believe.

But you can very subtly suggest to your ex that he is losing you because you are very surrounded and desired … The expression “1 lost, 10 found” is anything but admit that in the head of a jealous man to lose his “good”, it can have an effect …

Step 3: you do lots of things

We never get bored with you! Movies, exhibitions, trips, not a free moment! It could make your ex want, especially if he blamed you when you were together for never going out …

Has your ex blocked you on social media?

So yes, you wondered if you should block your ex from Facebook and … him too. And chose him to do so, or worse yet, to remove you from his contact list.

Do you think that in this case, it is no longer useful? Well, you are mistaken … Believe me, he will at some point have this natural curiosity to ask a friend to look for him … Or even better, he will hear about your new joy in life from mutual friends.

At worst, you always have a way to put your publications in public mode.

So, before choosing a final solution in the heat of the moment, see the advantages of keeping your ex on social networks. And to make a Radio Silence, for example, you will see, thanks to this method, he will believe that you are no longer interested in him, that you no longer seek to contact him. Finally, He will come back to you without asking!