Signs of a good date

Anyone looking to rank and rate their date better is meticulously looking for signs of a good date. But this can degenerate into a search for a needle in a haystack. Because there are many signals – but that doesn’t say if we perceive the correct signals. If you ask yourself “Did the date go well?”, the self-test at the end of the text helps uncover any remaining ambiguities.

5 concrete signs of a good date

The first date is over, you’re going home and you’ve found pleasure in your boyfriend. But he was more reluctant, at least you got that first impression. This often doesn’t have much to say, because sometimes it’s more the small details that signal whether a date went well or badly. It’s worth looking twice.

1. Quick response

A message arrived after their personal meeting. Definitely a good sign. His partner enjoyed the date and wishes him a good night, letting him know when he gets home or even looking forward to seeing him again. A sure sign of a good date. If the meeting had been a failure, your partner would likely have dropped out of contact or not contacted you at all. That’s how he keeps the ball rolling.

2. Offensive body language during the date

Do you think you saw a glint in your contact’s eyes and their posture was facing you? Did the opposite person lean towards you openly, show their palms instead of crossing their arms, and even unconsciously touch you from time to time? When flirting, this body language indicates that the other person finds you physically attractive.

3. Stimulating Conversations – A Sure Sign of a Good Date

There was never an uncomfortable silence during the consultation. You wove each other’s threads even closer together and felt like you were on the same wavelength on many topics during your date. Even though there were differences of opinion, neither of you fought the issue but spoke openly about it and accepted the other’s perspective.

4. I look forward to seeing you again

Since you never run out of things to talk about, you said that night that you needed to see each other again. This is a clear sign of a good date! You’ve made mutually stimulating suggestions about what you absolutely want to do together. Perfect – the second date is basically as good as planned and you can look forward to seeing him again without any pressure. The good thing about this is: You don’t even have to worry about a particularly fancy date idea.

5.  Evaluate the date correctly by time together

Are you getting swept out of the restaurant because it’s closing? In the next bar, too, can you talk endlessly with no end in sight and stay until the end? When you can’t stay there either, do you just sit in a nice quiet spot on a bench and watch the sunrise? If you both want to get to know each other better and exchange ideas, it demonstrates a solid bond between you and a relaxed environment in which you both feel comfortable. Clearly a clear indication of a successful meeting.

Take the quiz: was the date good?

You can judge whether you’ve successfully dominated or failed in an encounter based on small traits. You don’t need to study psychological treatises and analyze in detail every gesture that your boyfriend makes. It’s often a good sign if you feel good about yourself after the date. Get a clear picture of the self-test and reflect on the night using the following questions.

  • Do you feel good?
  • Did you two maintain eye contact during the conversation?
  • Was the amount of speech balanced between you?
  • Did you receive a message after the date?
  • Have you discovered common interests and hobbies?
  • Did your date compliment you?
  • Have you held a new date or already addressed it?

How do you feel now, after going over everything again? Now can you rate the encounter as good or bad? If you answered “Yes” to at least half of the questions, you can draw a positive conclusion with a clear conscience. Note that these questions are more food for thought and that each person may assess a given situation slightly differently. To get rid of all uncertainties, you can immediately suggest a new date. The answer to your query will clear up any ambiguity.

Conclusion: The signs of a good date are in communication and body language

You actually go home feeling good after the first date. But then you think about the night more closely, get tangled up in interpreting conflicting signals, and finally, get lost in complete bewilderment. If you want to evaluate the date correctly, you can ride an emotional roller coaster.

But stay calm. Try reflecting on the night from a distance and getting your date partner’s gestures and facial expressions before your inner eye. Did he maintain eye contact and did you see the joy on his face? So those are definitely positive signs. A conversation also reveals some signs of a good date. Did you keep opening new topics to each other and having a lively conversation because you were all on the same page? So nothing should stand in the way of the next meeting date.