Signs that a man likes you

Women have a sixth sense that rarely fails, but when we first meet a boy who attracts us and who has not yet declared himself to us, how can we be 100% sure? Well, with a detailed observation method you can identify the signs that a man likes you very much.

Keep reading and know those clues that will tell you if you are gaining his attention and heart or if on the contrary he is only interested in being your friend. Watch carefully, as perhaps some signs will be more obvious than others.

How do you know if a man likes you?

Wants to spend time with you

One of the clearest signs that a man is interested in you is that he wants to spend time with you. If he asks you out or stops by at the end of your day, it means that he feels comfortable in your company and wants to share experiences with you. If he is learning your routine and he knows what time you leave work or college, it is because he is waiting for the right moment to surprise you. Hasn’t he asked you out yet? Maybe he’s a bit shy. Check and evaluate if it shows other signs.

Smile often when you are with him

Smiling or laughing constantly is another of the signs that a man does when he likes you . If that guy looks at you and is cheerful, he is probably very attracted to you. When we smile it is because we feel comfortable and comfortable and it is not a mere affirmation, because on a biological level, being in front of a person who attracts us causes the brain to secrete various hormones such as serotonin, adrenaline and endorphin. All of them make us feel happy around that special person.

Stay tuned to what you say

Men are usually very distracted, but when a guy listens to you carefully or remains attentive to what you do, it is because he is interested. It’s simple logic, our brain focuses on the things that are important to us. If you notice a change in his attitude or behavior that reveals a more fixed attention on you, be sure that he likes you a lot.

He is very kind and always has a compliment

Compliments are those telltale phrases a man says to you when he likes you . Either verbal or written, compliments are not only a show of courage, but with them a man tries to say that he is noticing you and notices all those details when they are seen. Things like mentioning your intelligence, sympathy, beauty, or simply praising an outfit or accessory can show the first signs of attraction.

Follows you on social media and makes it noticeable

It’s not just about following you and seeing your posts, interact with them to get your attention. For many people it is more comfortable and safe to talk on social networks before venturing to take a more formal step. So if that man tries to chat with you, comment on your photos and keep an eye on your status updates and posts, he most likely likes you.

Body language 

There are certain non-verbal cues a man does when he likes you . For example, when the shoulders remain raised it is because he trusts you or feels safe when he is with you. When his head leans towards you slightly or is slightly lowered it is because he wants to approach, the same to tilt the body when you are speaking. If the hands remain open and the palms face up, it is because he is relaxed and open to share with you.

Now, the next time you meet, take a closer look at their behavior and the way their body moves. Take these recommendations into account and find out if he is really interested in you.